interesting thought...maybe

Was thinking about likely candidates for east and west all star QB this updoming season.

My expectations.

For the west, BC has two contenders each who may become superstar but probably not there yet.

I dont expect much from Crandall as far as all star contention. He may do just enough to get the job done for the team, or not.

Burris flirts with it

Ray has been there.

Ray is probably best in the west at the moment, but his team isnt, which I think leaves the door open for Burris, unless he chokes.

For the East.

AC on the way down. Like Crandall, may get the job done, but no all star.

Hamilton has high hopes for Printers who could get their, but I still think Williams will prove to be their best bet in the long run

Toronto with Joseph, good team, good+ QB, could be it, but not many QBs not name Flutie or Moon, can do it 2 yrs in a row.

Meanwhile, Kevin Glenn quietly goes about business in Winnipeg.

On a hunch, I am betting on Glenn.

If people looked at Burris honestly there is no way that people would consider him as an All start. He is the moddle of inconsistency, and when he plays bad he is the reason the team loses. He can go from looking like a diamond to bursting into flames game to game.

I wouldn't count Anthony Calvillo out just yet.

Whoever has the most success in each division should win it!

Now theres a bold prediction! :wink:

oops, I forgot about DD, or maybe I just wrote him off. Seems he may not be ready to ride off into the sunset yet.