Interesting theory

A National Post writer today, says the reason we're seeing so many QBs go down is because too many National O-linemen are being asked to block International D-linemen. Also, the best National O-linemen are probably playing jn the NFL. The hypothetical situation given was the kid from Queen's blocking a guy from Florida State. The people quoted in the piece like Buono and Lulay tended to agree with this reasoning.

I'm curious to see what others think.

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Both you and that NP writer are forgetting that many Canadians go to US colleges, and get the same coaching as their American teammates.

I would say that at least 40% of the drafted players each year are from US schools. Also, the caliber of the CIS has been improving greatly over the last 10 years or so, and will only get better. There are more players from the CIS going to the NFL now than ever.

I think it's a ridiculous theory, and anyone who thinks like this can't see past the tip of their nose.

I thought that was kind of obvious. As teams have been allowed to dress/play more Americans, most have added them almost exclusively to the defence.

The league was happy to tinker with some long-standing rules to try to increase scoring, but the more obvious way would have been to apply limits to how the ratio is split between O and D. That probably wouldn’t go over well.

Here’s the article.

I don't agree. The hits knocking QBs out are not vicious hits from unblocked linemen.



Like this from JJ !!!

Or this from Butler!!!

Buck Pierce was one tough Dude!!!

again, media trying to undercut the talent of Canadian football players, and the CFL in general. Pay no heed. We all know the truth of it.

and, in the above GIFs, both of those blitzes come off the tackle, a position that is often played by internationals. looks like they need to loose some weight, and learn to keep up with us Canadians!!! Not to mention, Butler is a national.

much ado about nothing i say.

The defense didn't even try to disguise it, they had 8 guys on the line of scrimmage on both of those.
Hey C'mon man, those are 2 of the hardest hits I have ever seen on a QB and Buck got up, picked up his helmet, luckily his head wasn't in it! :stuck_out_tongue: and stayed in the game

From the article:

"The Lions are starting three imports on the offensive line, and have allowed far and away the fewest sacks (13) in the league. Montreal is second with 23."

BC may employ more Americans on their OL but doesn't Montreal (2nd lowest sacks allowed although 10 higher) employ a totally Canadian OL? That seems to disprove his point to some extent.

Anyway, like others, I disagree that it is the quality of the "national" talent on the OL that is responsible for so many QB injuries. Maybe it is more the quality of BC's scouting as they have had OL issues for some time until this year, while other teams have done just fine with their Canadian players. Ticats have allowed fewer sacks this season while using more Canadians on the OL, although admittedly, some of that improvement is due to Zach's greater familiarity with the offense and better reads. BTW 4 of the 13 sacks allowed by BC were courtesy of the Ticats so looks like their American players couldn't match up to Norwood, Hickman, Hall and Lawrence!

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Hi - I just read that story, but it wasn't a Post writer who said it, it was a CFL team executive.

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Also I just read that Justin Hicksman loves soccer and follows Chelsea FC, I wonder if all them soccer "haters" out there that blame the MLS and the huge interest in soccer as the main reason why CFL interest is waning, are now going to hate Hicksman...................LOL

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Just 4 quick questions :
#1…Whose Hicksman ?
#2…Who and why would somebody hate him ?
#3…When did Chelsea FC join the MLS ?
#4…What does any of this have to do with this threads topic ?

It's roughly 65%/35% from the period 2000 - 2014. This past year it was 71%/29% CIS.

Not sure if it has been mentioned but I believe a couple contributing factors has been/were the expansion of the league and subsequent expansion draft. Not that Ottawa got a boatload of starting quality NI Olinemen, but with even depth players moving to an additional team has affected overall depth across the league.

And obviously the tighter net that is NFL scouting. If you consider names like Boyko, Duvernay-Tardiff, Foucault, Franklin, Pastor, Urschel, Heenan, Jones who have all tried or are trying to crack NFL rosters ...

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  1. “Whose”? Seems no one is immune to typos.
  2. The post gives the reason.
  3. The post doesn’t mention Chelsea in the MLS.
  4. The title of the thread is “Interesting Theory”

Anyone can play this game of gotcha. It is a stupid game. Just ignore those posts you don’t like and post things you think are insteresting. If you are having a bad day please don’t take it out on your fellow Ticat fans.

The TiCats have gone many years now without drafting an O-Lineman.
We did acquire 27 yr old Bomben with our 1st +3rd this season(8th+ 24 overall) which was a great move by Austin.
Mattheiu Girard was drafted in 2014 as a DL but is converting into an O lineman
Dyakowski is the only Ticats drafted starting O lineman(8 years ago)
Maybe it is time to stock up on some O-linemen in the upcoming drafts.

I hear you Caretaker......understood :smiley: Believe me I rarely have a bad day :smiley: and just for the record I wouldn't exactly classify CFLGAL as a fellow Ticat fan. She/He is anything but a fan of this team. To be honest I was just having some fun with her/his post and how as usual the topic of soccer always seems to pops up in the conversation. I hear you though Bob and it's duly noted that I will ignore her/his posts in the future. :smiley: I guess I should've used smilies after each question,my bad :cry: Trust me it won't happen again. :slight_smile: Cheers :thup: bobo :thup: