Interesting Take on the Global Draft... about Punters/Kickers

Remember Ray Guy, punter for the Oakland Raiders? If I am correct he was selected first over-all in the NFL draft. Made the NFL Hall of Fame as well!

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Yes indeed . Guy was the Raiders first round pick , twenty third pick overall . He was the best punter in the league for 13 years for the Raiders .
Leave it to Al Davis to do the unusual and succeed . Being a Steeler fan , those words really hurt . :laughing:

Pat Lynch ( the dude of many years)

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Thanks Pat. I thought Guy was the first pick over-all, as opposed to a first round pick. You knowledge of drafts amazes me!

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My knowledge of Google far surpasses my fading memory . :laughing: Thanks for the kind words Palmer . I needed a little boost after Ford shut down the golf courses today .

Pat Lynch (would love to be out in the fresh air , golfing)

Postmedia got on to it today. Ambrosie's efforts don't get much support these days.

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Let's face it, the "global" draft is meaningless. We all know that very few of these players will ever get on the field in the regular season. At least drafting a punter may allow a team to get a global player on the field a few times in a game.

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Valentin Gnahoua played in 11 games in 2019 (mostly on ST):

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Didn't we have a K who scored the first Global points during an early blow-out?

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It just seems that punters/kickers are currently the most "well developed" positions for international players right now, and teams have the advantage of somewhat knowing what they are getting given the numbers of (especially Australian) punters you can see in the NCAA and pro levels, rather than taking a flyer on a defensive player (for example) who might turn out to be useless.

Like I've posted previously, the CFL is on far shakier ground than the NFL or NCAA when it comes to promoting their league and generating increased interest. The Global draft might seem stupid to some right now, but It's a necessary piece of the puzzle over time.

Also, someone correct me on this, but am I right in thinking the NFL "International Players" are basically glorified practice squad members, with the catch that they can't actually be promoted to the full roster? If so, the CFL will be seen as a better option by Globals as there is at least a slim chance of actual playing time.

...and to Displaced, wasn't it one of the Mexican guys who kicked an extra point?


Best hangtime out of any punter in nfl history. I wonder who his CFL equivalent would be? Maybe Bob Cameron or Hank Ilesic?

Gabriel Amavizca-Ortiz was the Cats' dressed global player for the first 7 games of 2019 and then was on the P.R. for the rest of the season, the Eastern Final and the Grey Cup. He was not re-signed for 2020.

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The Argos used the 2nd overall pick in the 98 draft on dual kicker Dave Miller-Johnston (Concordia) - had a fairly short CFL career, and did not prove worth of such a high pick.

Not going to see teams use first couple of round picks on kickers; though they might think of it when in big need; all-time great CFL FG kickers Rene Paredes & Lewis Ward were not drafted at all.

Be nice for a CFL team to find a great kicker via this Global draft, but they could of just signed these guys as FAs after scouting them. The Global draft is more of a PR stunt and maybe part of Ambrosie's or other CFL dullard's plan to sell-out the CFL to become like American football - which is what is played in other parts of the world. We play Canadian football here - keep it that way = FIFO.

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If you go by position, the kickers just had more highly regarded prospects than any other group. So even if you disregard any advantages the drafting of kickers might have over another position for a CFL roster, they still would have been the most prized if you go by the philosophy of drafting the best player available. Drafting 4 punters in the first round was expected.

Goal of CFL 2.0 is to draw an audience overseas from those who become interested in the game after being introduced to it by seeing a fellow countryman involved. After an audience accumulates, the league hopes of getting a media rights deal. Expansion overseas is a long-term goal that probably will never happen. Just getting a tv deal in other countries is not going to be easy and would take years for that to happen.

CFL figures that football in other countries is gaining in popularity and that high schoolers from there will play college ball in the NCAA or USports. So eventually, the CFL (if it remains commited to 2.0) will no longer need to have have combines in foreign locations.

Anyway, I expect that there will be a team that uses a global kicker in a meaningful game(s) this year.

In an Edmonton story about the draft, an unnamed CFL personnel guy said this about #2 pick OL Steven Nielsen: “He, in my view, is a Day 1 starter, without a doubt. It’s a really good pick,” one CFL personnel guy (not with Edmonton) said, adding Nielsen is athletic for a big man. “If he doesn’t start, I’ll be flabbergasted. At best, he is a starting right tackle, at worst, he is a starting guard.”

Obviously, not everybody in this global draft is capable of making a contribution on a CFL roster. But that does not mean no one will.

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An article I just Googled says he is from Denmark, but attended both high school and college in the U.S. If this whole Global initiative results in a bunch of Ben Cahoon-style players (fully American-trained but qualifying as something else on paper), doesn't it defeat the purpose?


No it doesn't. It's all about the passport. Nielsen is a situational starter. The kid is young, strong and wants to play in the CFL unlike the Rough Riders that wasted 2 picks(Ezeala and Nedvik) on guys that won't play in the CFL because they feel the salary is too low for them. Those two are turning up their nose on an opportunity the CFL is granting them. So much for "the love of the football" from them. Their loss

My vote would go to Dave Mann of the Argos. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pat Lynch (best punter is still Joe Zuger)

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Because punter and kicker are the positions at which a Global player has the best chance to make a serious contribution

Especially against the wind. :football:

Another favourite was (quick) punting with the wind on second and long. Just knowing that was a possibility by Zuger gave defences plenty to think about.