interesting take on negotiations

always liked Naylor…….very insightful article

the rich generally get richer………if i’m making 45K I stand to lose even more by a strike

more and more I say to the players “accept the latest offer and bring on the season” more money is more money, don’t get into strike territory…most will not make up what they will lose by missing the season

I think Naylor is shilling for the owners. His argument makes no sense.

Its a lot easier for a guy making 45k playing football to make up that money or close to by taking an average job than it is for a Burris to make anywhere close to his 475k.

It's a decent piece and its logical to understand that an employee making near minimum wage is going to be less able to weather a strike than the top earners.

I'm sure most logical people would assume this to be true.

Is everyone who may side with the owners a liar
But what he says makes perfect sence

The guys making minimum wil continue to make minimum whether its 45-50 pr 60K
The vast majority of the money will be used to go after big name free agents

AS for getting back what they lost....well its not getting it back that is the issue.
Burris iI'm sure is not living paycheck to paycheck...Sue he will lose the most. but it will hurt him the least

Its the guy who loses the least that hurts the most

His argument makes perfect sense, because it's how it works in reality. If the cap goes up, most of that money goes to the guys who there are bidding wars over, and guys who you don't want to lose to free agency. That's the QBs, star players, and top Canadians.

Everybody else makes the minimum, or near it. There is no real competition for those guys, and they are easily replaced. If the cap goes up but the minimum doesn't, they get no benefit at all. If they lose an entire season, they are unlikely to be in the league long enough to make it back even if the minimum does go up.

Getting a job while on strike is pretty tough, because any employer who learns you're going to quit as soon as the strike ends has no reason to want to hire you. They can get someone else who is more likely to stay.

I was talking based on a "missed season". Should the season be cancelled it would happen at some point during the summer months. If a season is wiped out any low earner in the CFL who gets a basic job would lose around 10k when you factor in expenses. Burris would likely lose most of his 475k. Making back 10k dollars over a year of two of a new deal is feasible. Burris would never, ever make back his 475k and likely after sitting for almost two years may end his career. Probably the reason why Burris made the selfish comments he made.


Did you read it ?

Yes I did

Again its just that you seem to have this opinion that anyone who disagrees is a liar or a crook or a shill or selfish

Well as far as I know a union is a democratic assembly where one man = one vote. For Burris to state what he did is selfish. The guy has been in the league over 10 years and has never stood up for a teammate or any player related issue. Yes he's selfish.

Can someone refresh my memory? I saw it, but to me it didn't read like much more than "Get 'er done" (and therefore directed at both sides).

" I am a senior member of this league and I am telling them to get it done"
Yes we know Henry your big on "I"

This is the last time I will comment on this strike bullshit... Someone mentioned selfishness, let's see;

The players; they were offered a generous increase with incentives and future securities... They said no-selfishness and greed!

The owners; there is one owner who's self worth was valued at 242 mil. He could give each team 10 mil. and have 152 mil. left over. Is there anyone who can't survive with that much ? Selfishness and greed!

The only people who lose are us, THE FANS.

242 million is probably one of the poorest owners.

As with any labour dispute, those with the least to gain have the most to lose. The marquis players will get the largest increase and the spread between the have and the have nots will grow. That is the way it is with percentage based increases. The vast majority of players will be subsdizing the minority who are already making far more. The rationnel is that the marquis player will hopefully delivery playoff bonuses to the fringe players and the playoff bonuses are not a percentage so the fringe guy actually benefits the same ammount as the marquis guy does.

The sad part of this is that there are guys that will lose their jobs if there is any disruption to the season and those that do are the ones that are lease able to survive a job loss.

Yep. Only way the guys on the bottom win this is if there's no work stoppage and the league minimum goes up.

I wonder what would happen if the owners came back with an offer of 5.2 million where all of the extra money went to raising the minimum? That'd be a lot of players getting a big raise.

It hasn't even gotten ugly yet, wait till the players strike next week and the owners start bringing up the poor people they have to lay off and the poor children who won't make money selling hot dogs..

If a strike ever happens I fully expect Henry Burris to be the first one to cross the picket line. Don't think there is a more selfish player in the league and he'll continue to look out for himself so he can fully collect on his last paychecks.

What exactly did he say....have you got a link

I am a senior member of this league and I am telling them to get it done"