interesting stat

according to this site, in the stats for the tor-ham preseason game

J Boltus had 27 completions out of 1 attempt. That be one hell of a QB. :wink:

I saw that also; should read Boltus completed 27 out of 35

what would that make his QB efficiency rating to be???

As his stats are published (1 Att, 27 Comp, 281 Yards, 1 TD & 1 INT) his QB Rating would be 118.8. He would get three perfect scores for Completion Percentage, Average Gain per Pass Attempt & TD Ratio but he would get a perfect zero for his INT Ratio.
If the CFL was calculating the QB Rating they would likely give him a perfect 158.3. Who ever programmed the formula for calculating the QB Efficiency Rating on the CFL site did not do it properly. As a result, the Efficiecny Rating for QBs with a low number of pass attempts is usually wrong. Note to CFL: the lowest Pass Efficiency Rating is a zero, negative numbers are not possible with the correct formula. Rant Over.