interesting stat

I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but Danny Barrett's Riders have not lost a West Semi-Final. They won in 2003 in Winnipeg, again in 2004 in Edmonton, and now again in 2006. Now hopefully we can break the jinx and win the West Final. Go Riders Go!!!

Wow, I've actually never noticed that lol. I guess thats a good stat to have. You gotta like our chances this year...

Heres another stat tidbit.. Danny Barretts Riders have not won a West Final..

Sorry not trying to rain on yer parade ..just being a realist :wink:

Statistics are for losers. You've heard that quote before. Same with regular season records, throw them out for the playoffs.

The key to a Western Final win on Sunday will fall on who's defense rises up. BC has to stop Kenton Keith and force Joseph into bad decisions. Rider defense has to bring the house and put pressure on Dickenson or Pierce, and make them hurry their throws or sack them.

Whoever's defense executes the best will win.

Just my opinion.

Without a doubt Sportsmen! Both semi finals were won because one team GAVE the game to the other team. Turnovers and lack of focus was the cause of big plays for the other team.

As we've heard many times "Offense wins you games, but defense wins you championships"! The stronger defense will prevail on Sunday, now which one will it be?