Interesting Stadium Web Site

I came across this web site yesterday that is kind of interesting, it's called Stadium Journey.
These guys have people across North America and parts of Europe that write reviews of stadiums and arenas.
Here is the link to Ivor Wynne:

[url=] ... adium-s942[/url]

Ivor Wynne faired ok. Out of 5, Ivor Wynne scored 3.3 for the stadium but only a 2.4 for the crowd. It was the lowest ranking of all the CFL stadiums.
Six of the CFL stadiums are in it, the only exceptions are Saskatchewan and Winnipeg.

Why didn't you post this under the "Stadium Thread" instead of creating a new one?
Maybe the moderators can put this on there.

^^^ I think because this is about the old stadium, rather than the new one

I thought about it but it's not only about Ivor Wynne but every stadium and arena in North America along with a bunch of other places.
I felt that it should have it's own thread.