Interesting...Simpson returning to practice??

Guess he’s decided that it’s better to be rotating with J LO then rotting on the injured list…

...i thought trade for sure......just goes to show can't second guess this organization....I just wonder if too many bridges have been burned,,,,I guess we're about to find out.. :roll: :roll: :roll:

not sure...IIRC, Kelly had left the door open for Simpson if he agreed to accept his role and rotate with J LO....probably nothing an apology from Simpson wouldn't smooth over as far as the locker room goes...

He's being used plain and simple, the Bombers D is banged up, you think if the team was healthy he would be playing? not a chance. Nice job by the Bomber brass :roll:


No...the intention from the beginning of the Simpson saga was for him to rotate with Lobendahn. Nothing's changed as far as I can tell...and the D ain't banged up anyhow...

our d isnt banged up... having simpson on the roster adds depth and experience... rotating will keep them fresh and more effective

What happened to

"Get him out of here or I'll punch him in the face?
"Good riddance"
"He's not a team player"

:wink: All BS... but most of us knew that 8) most

Oh really? LB Joe Lobendahn (hamstring) and DE Gavin Walls (knee) among others check your injury stats someone else is on the 9 game injury list, this is the only reason they brought him back

There hasn't been anyone added to the Bombers 9 game IR in weeks. The extent of any injury to Lobendahn and Walls has not been disclosed.

Nope…you’re right…there are no line-up changes due to injury as far as has been made public.
Seems to me this just might be a case of Barrin realizing it’s better for his own career to be playing a role instead of sitting out.

At least at one point, IIRC, the coaches told him if he changed his mind about rotating, to let them know…guess he did.

And just 'cause I like proving Riderfans wrong…here’s the current injured list…You’ll probably notice there are no linebackers on it…

17 LeFors, Stefan QB Import 6.00 203 1981-06-07 Louisville
19 Johnson, James CB Import 5.07 180 1980-05-05 Arkansas State
25 Browne, Brady DB Non-Import 5.10 200 1983-04-24 Manitoba
30 Holness, Steven DB Non-Import 5.11 194 1983-07-20 Ottawa
41 Perry, Fred DE Import 6.01 240 1975-01-05 Southern Arkansas
59 Bates, Kelly G Non-Import 6.03 301 1975-07-27 Saskatchewan
88 Arthur, Jabari WR Non-Import 6.04 225 1982-08-28 Akron

Like i said you better read your injury stats both these guys are some what hurt but does not say they will not play next game James Johnson is on the 9 game injury list.

See above...posted 'em for ya...

James Johnson is a DB...not a MLB...and is probably behind Brandon Stewart on the depth chart...

From TSN site

"LB Joe Lobendahn (hamstring) and DE Gavin Walls (knee) were both hobbling post-game on Friday, but the Bombers aren't back on the field until Wednesday to begin preparations for their game in Hamilton on Thanksgiving Monday. SB Terrence Edwards, who has missed the last two games with a concussion, should be good to go this week. The Bombers have placed CB James Johnson on the nine-game injured list. - Winnipeg Free Press "

Don't know the extent of injuries to Walls or Lobendahn. Maybe word out of Bomberland today. JJ placed on 9-game list.

Well who knows...they haven't said anything since Friday...we'll see...

I never said anything about Johnson being a middle linbacker, just saying there are defensive players banged up, and others here seem to think I was lieing , well here you go just what i said but don't know the extent of their injuries.

Just wondering why you would bring up a backup DB being on the 9 game as having something to do with Barrin Simpson?

Blue Blood on 07 Oct, 2009 - 06:15

There hasn't been anyone added to the Bombers 9 game IR in weeks. The extent of any injury to Lobendahn and Walls has not been disclosed.

:wink: unless that's why... LOL

No one said you were lying but there have been no players added to the 9 game IR that would affect Barrin Simpson's status. I forgot about James Johnson being added the other day but he's been on the 1 game IR for weeks so it's not much of a change of status for him. As for Lobendahn and Walls, all that report said was they were hobbling after the game. To me that's not enough to say a guy is seriously injured.

yeah i agree but to me seems a little strange to me. Can't see Simpson being very happy with Kelly. But i imagine he wants to play.