Interesting scenario unfolding guys

With the latest news that the Lions' QB Lulay has some sort of a shoulder injury this may change things considerably DEPENDING on the extent of his injury and whether it affects his play or whether or not he is even able to play.

Let us say the following happens:

  1. The Lions lose their 3 remaining games
  2. Calgary wins 2 of their 3 remaining games
  3. SSK wins all of their remaining games.

All 3 teams end up with 22 points on the season. How is top spot determined? It can't be based on series wins because:

The Lions won their series against Calgary but lost against SSK. SSK lost its series against Calgary. Ergo, each team has one one series. Does it default to total points for and points against? Anyone know?

Interesting question...Can't see the Lions tanking 3 straight, but interesting question.

The answer is the Riders, as they have the best combined winning % of games between the 3 clubs in that scenario.
1st: Riders: 3-1 vs BC, 1-2 vs Stamps - 4-3 total
2nd: BC: 1-3 vs Riders, 2-1 vs Stamps - 3-4 total
3rd: Stamps: 2-1 vs Riders, 1-2 Vs BC - 3-3 total

Wrong. Calgary gets it.

do tell

oh, and before you 'do tell' where you pulled this from I would suggest reading point B of the CFL Rule Book's section on Tie Breaking Procedure:

b) has won the greater number of games played against the other tied Club(s)

Greatest number of games is 4 last time I checked.

Wow, that would be interesting - - BC gets the crossover to play Toronto and suddenly the Braley Bowl happens in the EDF instead of the Grey Cup.

Well, BC will not cross over, for the Esks can not catch them, so the worst they could finish is 3rd, and that is if they tank all their games and the Stamps win all of theirs.

Heck CITB, going further, I just did a 30 second google and actually found this explained exactly as i I your immediate discrediting of my conclusion with no foundation provided explaining your statement (shocker shocker) is rather interesting:

[url=] ... yoffs.html[/url]

Saskatchewan certainly can't afford to finish tied with either Calgary or Edmonton, having lost the season series with both squads. However, should the Riders end up tied for first with B.C. and Calgary they'd get top spot in the West based on having the better winning percentage in games between the three clubs.

In a three-way tie, the Riders would have a 3-1 head-to-head record against B.C. but just 1-2 against Calgary, leaving them 4-3 overall.

B.C., with a 2-1 record against Calgary, would finish 3-4 while the Stampeders would end up 3-3 (2-1 versus Saskatchewan but 1-2 versus the Lions).

The three-way tie-breaker, though, would only be used to determine first place. Second would go to B.C. because of a superior head-to-head record against Calgary.

Hey, you may be right Depopulation. It certainly makes sense to me. I never thought of that option. Thanks. I agree, I can’t see the Lions losing all three games, not if Lulay is healthy. If he’s not? Hmmmm…

You'd think someone with "extensive" football knowledge would see that Edmonton's 7 wins, cannot catch BC's 11 wins with 3 games left. Maybe that's why you don't believe stats, your bad at math!

well… ok you are right

but since BC won’t lose all 3 remaining games, as Calgary won’t either,

this is irrelevant.

Calgary would only have to lose 1 for the 3 way tie. B.C. would have to lose 3 and Sask win 3.
And thanks for rendering this irrelevant. Gives the scenario a much better chance. :lol:

Nothing unfolding just created a Science-Fiction novel.

BC Romulans vs Toronto Klingons in the 100th Federation Cup? Sounds good to me. Beam us to Toronto Scotty... wherever you are. :rockin:

:lol: :thup:

I don't think that's actually a novel, is it?

It hardly matters, so long as we're not subjected to Krikkit.

/anyone? I seem to have drawn a blank with Infinite Improbability... :frowning:

Do the Klingons still play to empty seats?

Have you seen the crowds in BC or Edmonton this season ???

Klingons don't play there but since you ask, Edmonton is averaging in the neighborhood of 36,000 per game this year and again lead the galaxy in attendance by a light year. Thats almost 13,000 more per game that the Klingons and their alliases. Bad comparison.

And now I have the Star Trek fight music stuck in my head. Thanks. (sigh)