Interesting sales gimmick

As you may not know or care, the Allwets extended DE John Boman contact. As a promotional sales comic you can purchase a team jersey with name and number for half price. Considering the success Austin and Tillman have had re-signing Masoli, Banks, Laurent, Tasker and Dean why not offer the same promotion? This would be a great start to the upcoming season and add additional revenue to the Tiger Cats. I am sure the jerseys have a significant mark up and there is still some meat on the bone.

The entire store was 50% off for two weeks... I think they're going away from Adidas so teams are clearing out stock.

Jerseys were not 50% off.

yes they were, picked up a new one crested for $130 including tax

Yes they were. Just not custom cresting

That's the difference, the Allwets offer half price AND cresting.

Looks like a good time to get a jersey.

Half the wins and half the price for their out equal in the end.

I think the promotion for the cats should be free jersey to all season ticket holders if the team is below .500 in regular season!
Heck I may consider buying 2 more season tickets.

Or offer them one-third off on next year's seats....