Interesting Rule

During the Calgary/BC game Dunigan mentioned an interesting rule with the new CBA.

During the course of the season teams are only allowed to have players in full pads and contact for twelve sessions during the season. Certainly you can see it from a player health perspective. But it also could point to the poor tackling we've seen recently.

BC used 2 of those in preparing for Calgary this past week. Their intensity was very high.

I didn't hear that it was a CBA rule. I may have missed something as I wasn't paying close attention when they said that but I thought 12 was the norm not a rule.

They did something similar in the nfl. I agree it most likely has contributed to the weak tackling. I feel like it can cause more in game game injuries. Guys are hitting harder In game as they are more fresh and have less time to hit in practice.

I didn't hear them mention it was a CBA rule either. I did hear them talk about coaches only practicing in full gear a dozen times, though. My understanding was the same as that of dcmoses.