Interesting read from The Star

Interesting stuff

The CFL needs a team in England.

Garth Woolsley is nothing but a baseball fan. He worships anything from down south.
Whatever he writes has to be taken in that context. He mentions some CFL teams lose money like thats unique to pro sports? The Jays lose more every year then every cfL team combined. There's NHL teams in the USA who would kill to lose what a CFL team might lose. Guys like Woolsely and dave Perkins and the rest just don't get it.

It wasn't really a negative article there Berezin, so don't get your back up over it.

And no offense, no one likes it when they lose money. Its not like it's a non issue.

One after another after another article basically all saying the same thing. Almost as mundane as some of the posts on, including most of mine I'll admit. :wink:

And yet people keep making those mundane posts... :lol:

Hey. Just because you don't like someones posts doesn't mean you have to criticize. Much of what you write is just criticisms of others. Who made you the Mr. Blackwell of

You talking to me, Berezin? If so, you'd be wrong. I'm not a broken record like you. And I certainly don't spend most of my time criticizing others like you criticize the Toronto media. Get some new material. Your current shtick is played.

Ah gee. MOre criticizing. You don't like it, don't read? Then again most of my posts get over 2000 views. Guess its you with the problem. Can't wait for your next thread? Oh thats right. You never make any.

New England Pats tix: $116.50 US

SK Rider tix: $53.50

No fear from my corner, I'm CFL for life! Besides, how many players from the NFL come here only to fizzle out? We have the way better game!

Here we go with the 2,000 views again... Who cares how many views your topics get. And as for me not making any, uh, son, did you not see the topic about the Als @ Ti-Cats game? Made by yours truly. Save yourself the embarrassment and just stop now because it's clear you have no idea what you're talking about.

So, berezin, am I right in my inference from your comment to Chief that you believe a person's worth to the forum is based on how many threads that person creates? If no, I apologize...if yes, really do need to get a clue...

The funny thing is I'd rather be known as someone who doesn't post a lot of topics than someone who posts the same topic 20 times.

That's not funny, that's common sense.

No. I'm saying if you ain't got an opinion on somethng, or aren't interested in a topic, move on. By the way, I'm listening to people on the Fan590 ragging on the CFL right now. This is THE topic in my area. If its not in yours, there's nothing I can do about it.

...your area? Also seems to be the only topic in your life...and, by the way, we are expressing our opinions on there really is no need to move on, is there?

You took the words right out of my mouth, jm! :smiley:

Whatever. This is a general forum. You wanna comment on your team go to your team's area. I don't have a team. I comment on topics that affect the cFL in general. I don't post that much on this topic. But it is a problem the league in southern Ontario has to face. You aren't interested, move on. Just like none of your posts interest me. Yet have I pulled the superior act on you people? Seems every forum has a few who think they run it. Which is why I avoid these things 90% of the time.

See, if none of my posts interest you, why do you post in reply? See how it works? Essentially, what you're saying is that we shouldn't reply to you if we're not interested, but you can still reply to us if you're not...your story is old, because you whine and complain about the same thing all the time...find something new, and "move on"...