Interesting Quotes

From among many observations and opinions expressed, on one page this week, by Kirk Penton, writing for the Sun Media publications:

“Why did Saskatchewan kick Hamilton’s rear end? Look at the film. That team (Hamilton) has only two or three Americans who could make the Riders.”

“Brandon Isaac and Markeith Knowlton could just end up swapping teams.”

“Don’t rule out Henry Burrris to Ottawa. I’m hearing he’s a free agent at the end of the year.”

“Sounds like Ottawa is going to hire an offensive guy as their first Head Coach. The names we keep hearing are LaPolice, Bellefeuille, Dave Dickenson and Chapdelaine.”

“The biggest surprise this season is the lack of success in Montreal. Calgary came back from 24 down last week without 10 players who started in Week 1, including Drew Tate.”

“Mike Reilly isn’t what Ed Hervey thought.”

"In the most recent 7 quarters of East vs West CFL football, the West has outscored the East 75-3

Predictions for this week – “MTL by 20, CAL by 10, BC by 7, SSK by 15”

One word description of the Hamilton team – “crappy”

I would so love for ottawa to take crappy chappy of our hands

My gawd if Kirk Penton doesnt like HAM might aswell fold the team. No point in going on.


The second one rings the most true for me. We really are in bad shape. Our scouting is terrible.

Don't worry be happy.

But how many did we have, that have made the Riders team?

Dwight Anderson
Jermaine McElveen
Woodny Turenne
Carlos Thomas
Milt Collins

Did I miss any?

How many former import Riders now on Hamilton?

Henry Burris

Did I miss any?

Rey Williams & Darryl Stephenson of course ... And basically half of their coaching staff. Chamblin, Cortez, K. Jones, Malone.


I just check out former Hamilton coaches now on the Riders staff

Corey Chamblin, Head Coach - undefeated, 1st place in the CFL
George Cortez, Offensive Coordinator - #1 offense in the CFL in both yardage and points
Doug Malone, Offensive Line Coach - #1 rushing game in the CFL, and #1 in giving up fewest sacks
Khari Jones, Quarterbacks Coach - #1 QB rating (Durant) 136.9, #1 TD passes 12, #1 ints 0

A big oops, with Williams, and Stephenson is Canadian. The writer referred to Americans.

Did you use my links? I hope so! Maybe these new rules are good?!?!?

Yes, Stephenson is Canadian ... If you consider Windsor still part of Canada ... which I don't ... I think they went into Chapter 11 along with Detroit!?!?

Again with the links!

This time your linking Windsor to Detroit.

Valid point ... Links are a slippery slope!