Interesting quote from Emanuel Davis .... Jones , "he's not just a dictator".

Was reading this article on 3DNation written by D.Edwards and this interesting quote about new HC J.Jones caught my attention by Emanuel Davis . Considering that the only other HC that Davis has ever known in his CFL career was Kent Austin it seems to give indication reading between the lines that perhaps indeed that Austin had lost the room this season . Maybe also the respect of some of his veteran players . Here is the quote , decide for yourself ......

" He asks for our input and that's the first time I've experienced something like that . He really wants to know what the players think about certain things, he's not just a dictator , " said veteran defensive back Emanuel Davis. "It's been a shock to see a guy who has been around football so long still asking other people what they think . I'm happy to be playing for a guy like that ."

here is the rest of the article :

Bit of a mis quote there. Not what was said but probably not too far from the truth.

If the tyranny of Austin was so unacceptable why did Davis sign two contracts to play for him ?

And it is only a supposition, but I'm guessing Kent didn't coach him in Pop Warner, High School, or College either? Nor in any of his NFL try-outs, if there were any? My guess is he is comparing Jones to all or most of his former coaches, which would have included Steinauer and Reinebold as well as Austin?

Maybe he was worried his talent level was not good enough for other teams.

Then we can all agree not to use the quote as proof positive of Austin,s evilness.

Mis quote ? Not what was said ? It's word for word as printed in the article . So are you saying that perhaps Edwards mis quoted Davis when he interviewed him for the article or have you seen another version of the interview elsewhere where Davis goes into more detail and Edwards just simply edited it the way he saw fit to suit the narrative ? Or lastly are you interpreting the quote in a different manner?

Dude you changed your thread title. You basically said he said Austin was a dicator and that's not what was printed.

Guilty as charged, my bad. Sorry bout that .I agree that the original thread title was misleading and soon realized what you were talking about after taking a second look at it .As a matter of fact I actually changed and fixed the title just mere minutes before this post from you .

Once again , sorry about that and for all the confusion that the original thread title may have caused . :-[

I really don't think that Davis was implying that Austin was a dictator - rather that he was surprised that a coach of Jones' experience looked for input from his players. The big difference of course is that Austin has years of coaching and playing experience in the CFL while Jones has next to none. Credit to Jones for being humble enough to realise that the Canadian game is different enough that he needs to get input from others - including players - who are have played or coached in the CFL longer.

all good bro

Very interesting Dictator eh?!
"My way or the highway."

A dictatorship is a government or a social situation where one person makes all the rules and decisions without input from anyone else.

Austins last dance

Austin as far as I know generally sought input from his coaching staff (if not his players) although any HC is always going to have the last word doesn't matter who it is.

We may be reading to much into the quote, every coachhas a bitof that Dictator thing about them, that's why he's the coach.
I just think Austin tried to wear to many hats.

The fact that a coach asks players and/or others for their thoughts on things is ok but it could get out of hand and back-fire. Could eventually show a coaches incompetence/insecurity with making a call. There is nothing more to this than the Cats have introduced a totally different coaching style than what the 0-8 players were used to. I personally hope that Jones makes decisions on his own, as a head coach should, and not go to the "opinion pool" first!!!!

Jones and Lolley are getting results, and have fired this team up. They are clearly doing a great job.

If Austin and Reinbold were still coaching here, we don't win the last two games.

A change makes things happen. Just for how long?

Knowing Emmanuel Davis (who is a -really- good guy) - he was -not- taking a shot at any former coach. Not Austin, not Reinebold or Steinauer, not his college or high school coaches.

He was just trying to say something positive about Coach Jones.

On behalf of everyone who has to live with the press repeating short quotes without context, always be careful about reading things into those quotes. Thanks. :-X :o :-[ :slight_smile:

noted and tagged for truth.

I am liking June Jones more and more each day as HC. His demeanor and style during press conferences is refreshing. His willingness to listen to his players and his offences is much more a balanced one.