Interesting question?????

…seeing as how we have 2 more games to play and we only have one qb…Who do we bring in??? Is DiMichelle still active??? I guess we could bring in a couple of our neg. listers to have a look…beyond that…Does anyone have Kenny Ploens home phone no… :roll: :roll:

Well Printers just had knee surgery so you can rule him out. . . I seem to recall someone saying that Kerry Joseph was still staying in shape, so he’s a possibility I suppose. . . or Montreal could return Santos in return for ‘future considerations’. . .

.......Santos for a relatively low pic ....maybe??? Joseph could be a fill in....but pulllllleeese...NO BISHOP :lol:

There's Dinwiddie... :lol:

Or LeFors, come to think of it...this thread could unravel fast...

I haven't heard any updates, but I suspect Brinks injury may be minor enough to keep him in the game along with Elliot. He sustained the injury when he was headlocked (without penalty) yet stayed in for a few series after that.

Who they get to back them up is beyond me, but I'd rather see another nobody than a has been.

At this point you play the kids without any restrictions (nothing to lose) to see what they've got! Training camp has just begun - and that isn't always a bad thing! I thought Elliot looked confident, despite the fact that as a 4th stringer you have never worked with the #1 offence in practise. He made a couple bullet/timing passes that shocked the hell out of me in the stands, and looked a lot sharper than Brink.

Sammy Garza around ? qb. on the way (was headed to the Peg even before the injuries according to the freep) and another being sought...Identities unknown....but it won't be Bishop or Kerry Joseph according to Lapo ...... A rumour is that Cody Pickett may get a shot.. :thdn: an aside...I liked some of the balls thrown by Elliot even though it was 'sort of garbage'time'...When he starts and can show the same stuff....hmmmmmm he might just elevate himself past Brink in the Bomber qb. bullpen ... guess we'll see

Pickett is a known quantity...already cut loose by Toronto, Montreal and Calgary. I'd rather see DiMichele back for a try. People were high on him, but he hasn't seen game time.

I agree completely! I don't want to see anyone that has already proven they are not capable in this league - I'd rather see what the "unseen" have to offer, including more of Elliot. This has nothing to do with win/loss at this time, I just want to see some character! (although wins would be especially nice)

to me.. considering he gets hardly any reps in practice, Elliot looked pretty decent. I'd have started him this game even if Brink were healthy. I'm looking forward to seeing what Elliot can do as a starter.

You can have him but we get Jyles. :rockin:

From the FP:

Head coach Paul LaPolice confirmed Sunday afternoon that Jyles’ shoulder injury will keep him out for the rest of the year. Ditto for Brink, who played one series with a broken collarbone before pulling himself in Saturday’s 27-8 loss to the Toronto Argonauts.

Lapo told the FP that the Bombers aren't interested in Joseph or Printers and said that DiMichelle's name has come up. I read at EP that Pickett was approached but said no. It's going to be tough since who would really want to come for 2 weeks with no guarantees of being brought back next year.

As for Santos, he's on the Als' 1 game IR, not the PR so he can't be claimed. Also remember that the trade deadline has passed so there cannot be a trade made for a QB.

according to the Freep, as mentioned before, there is supposed to be a new guy in town tomorrow. I would like to see DiMichele brought back if at all possible just to have a backup that has seen our playbook, just in case. We're down to number 4 on the depth chart now. Jyles was a freak injury trying to aggressively move the ball, but the injury is on him, shoulda slid once he got the first down. Wish some of the receivers showed the same determination all season that he showed on that play. I'm still not sure how that tackle on Brink wasn't a penalty, tackle was over the top driving his head and shoulder into the turf. Barring injury though, should be a good experience for Elliott and, if he can learn from them, could make things interesting at camp next year. He definitely didn't seem as shy about throwing the ball up field as Brink was.

I wouldn't mind seeing someone who isn't familiar with the Bomber playbook. :lol:

Elliot didn't know what he was doing and still looked better than Brink.

It's so hard to judge at this point. . . but I'll agree with you Pigseye, Elliot in his brief cameo did show something. . . Brink in 2 games and with at least a little more quality practice time showed precious little.

Tough spot to be in, having to bring in 2 new QBs to fill out the roster for 2 games that are essentially meaningless. . . wonder where Stanley Jackson is these days. .

so per reports in the sun and freep the QB that was "scheduled to be in town" even before the injuries on Saturday was Shane Boyd? Anyone with sources to confirm? One of the things that's gonna hurt the club finding one more player is that there are only 2 weeks of the season left. A lot of guys will not want to drop what they are doing for 2 weeks of CFL salary without any guarantee for next year.

Just an odd suggestion - assuming the team gets Boyd or whomever to come in and backup Elliott for the last 2 games and assuming they will be looking for a third QB to run scout team in practice and chart plays on the final 2 game days, any thoughts on plucking Brannigan from TO's PR or giving another recent CIS grad the spot? Obviously the hope is that 1. u don't lose 2 more guys to injury in the final 2 weeks, how unreal would that be, and 2. a canadian kid might be easier to come by given the circumstances and more likely to be cap friendly.

as I just posted in the other thread, yeah, I'd love to see an NI QB get picked up.. although I don't think taking Brannagan would be a good idea.. whoever these other QBs we bring in end up being, they won't be around next year, so I wouldn't go around snatching PR players if we'll only use them for two games. why not contact Faulds or Sacobie or even Orban, though?

well, bombers said they had no interest in Kerry Joseph, but Eskies apparently did

Well, our present is hopeless and Joseph isn't the future, so they're welcome to him.