Interesting possible Grey Cup scenario

Something I was not aware as far as the Lions' final season game is concerned. In terms of standings it is a mean nothing game for the Lions having wrapped up First Place but for SSK it may be the difference between playing in a Western Semi-Final or crossing over to the East if my calculations are correct. Edmonton could leap over SSK leaving the Roughriders in 4th spot. The Roughriders would have a better record than Winnipeg or Hamilton. That would mean the Roughriders would still be in the playoffs but would face an Eastern team.

This could prove to be very interesting. Dare I say a Saskatchewan vs BC Grey Cup in Toronto? [maybe even a BC/Edmonton Grey Cup if they cross over] Check my calculations guys. If I'm not mistaken, should Edmonton win both of their games then SSK crosses over regardless if they [SSK] should lose to Toronto because the Esks won its series.

An even more interesting scenario is that B.C. loses and it's an all prairie Grey Cup.

Such a dreamer you are VofR. Such a dreamer you are. It ain't gonna happen. Not after what we witnessed in BC Place last night. I used the word scenario, not the word "impossibility". :rockin:

...careful assuming the first place team will simply waltz into the final uncontested...history has many examples of high-and-mighty teams who felt they should've just been mailed the cup being surprised by the underdog...

Ahhh RedandWhite. Very wise words indeed. And I may well live to eat crow but I just have this inner sense, this feeling, this intuition.......that the BC Lions will be keeping The Cup in BC again. I can dream can I not?

Waltz into the final uncontested? If they are smart they will not be wearing their dancing least not until the celebration Grey Cup dinner/dance. :rockin:

I could see a Western team getting past Toronto, but it would be very difficult to win two in a row on the road, especially if they go into a sold out Big O. There's a reason it's never been done before. That's not to say it isn't impossible, this is probably the year that the East has looked the weakest overall, but it's still very very difficult.