Interesting Poll I just saw on

Ok this poll is closed now but it was on

Which Player On A New Team Has Been The Most Impressive?

Jason Maas… 19%

Corey Holmes… 14%

Ricky Williams… 58%

Kerry Joseph… 9%

Obviously a one sided poll and by that I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what fans were voting for this poll.

I thought this was a nation wide poll where fans are a little more realistic when they’re not voting for their own teams. But Corey Holmes has been impressive.

If this was a nation wide poll then Corey should have higher numbers in this poll.

No kidding! If you had to choose a new Argo player as being the Most Impressive...I would have chosen Spergon Wynn.

Williams was good....but most people expected him to do something. And yes, he ran for 95 yards...not 195!

But come in as back up and throw as well as he did. I was impressed.

i am sorry, but Holmes was the player of the game, nuff said.

Wynn did get us the win!