Interesting podcast interview with Amar Doman

The interview starts around the 7:30 mark of this podcast. Looking forward to the season.


Interesting that Doman mentions they're looking at a 10th team for next year (around the 18:50 mark). Likely just an optimistic slip of the tongue, which he later qualifies with an "if" . . . but who knows.

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Yeah I heard that too.
He sure seems like a good guy hey. And a really good piece that he mentioned was how supportive his business community is.

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Dave, did you catch maybe a minute before that when he said just prior to COVID hitting it was 1st and goal on the one yard line that Atlantic Canada was in and then it fell apart with COVID?

Yep, I heard that bit too. Again, he might've been being overly optimistic, but hopefully something still comes of the efforts down east. It would be cool to have that coast-vs-coast Labour Day matchup.

Well what we need now is some optimism. Let’s hope there’s some substance to his optimism.

Lots of new blood at the top of these meetings
It can only be a good thing for the League! :+1:


Randy read my thread/posts. Chicago , here we come! LOL!

There's hope for you and your dream yet🍻

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Yes it does. LOL A fellow can dream can't he

Hopfully we see alot less of Bob Young now that he has a partner.
Wetenhall, Young, and above all Braley are the reason this league went from having 27000 fans and 850000 on TV in 2011, to well below 20k and less than 500k on TV just a decade later.

I'm not sure that Bob Young fits with Braley and Wetenhall. When Young bought the team, they averaged under 15.000 a game. Unlike Braley and Wetenhall, Young is a local owner who pays a lot of attention to details and marketing the team.

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It's more Braley and Wetenhall that held the CFL back by having took much influence.

Larry Tannumbaum,on the other hand, can be just as influencial and hopefully not dominant.

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