Interesting Observation about Player of the Month

How is the Player of the Month chosen?

I understand recognizing Ryan Phillips, but I don't get how Jonathan Brown with 2 sacks, 9 tackles beat out Cameron Wake with 5 sacks, 19 tackles. Wake's numbers more than double Browns. Yet he did not even get an honorable mention???

...I think they don't like Cam Wake's "X-factor" salute after he whups some @$$. :twisted:

...besides, I think Wake doesn't mind the snub. He'll be getting some hardware at the CFL awards anyways... unless they use the same selection system as player of the Month.

I'm curious, though..Do you know who/how the selections are made?

Made by the media, (It could be the Football Writers Guild, which includes radio and TV....but I'm not 100% sure).

This is significant, seeing as how they're both vying for defensive player of the year!!