....Interesting name??????

....Paul LaPolice was interviewed in Mobile according to the sun......hmmmmmm i didn't know he was interested in the head coaching job...... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Papa wasn't he your offensive coordinator a few sesasons' back? I know he's currently in that position in Regina, and I recall he held the same post in Toronto. . . but wasn't he in Winnpeg in that role as well? What did you think of him then?

''....actually thought he was competent in his role as offensive co-ordinator.....i think he got a raw deal when he was dumped....my opinion....Is he head coaching material...///...he has the CFL experience...CAN he transcend to the coaching ranks.....hmmmm that's another question....???? Very interesting candidate... :roll:

Bart Andrus sightings in Mobile, not suggesting there was any interviews, just saying :wink:

........ they could be shooting a 'count chockula' movie down there... ???????

Marcel Bellefuille made the transition in Hamilton. I was one of his critics when he was OC in Saskatchewan and Montreal. However, he seems to have taken the Ti-Cats too a new level. Be interesting to see if he "grows" along with the team.

Lapolice is probablyb familiar with the Bomber Organization and "Plays" (Unless Mike Kelly really did some major changes).

Could Lapolice be another Bellefuille if given the oppotunity? How much patience will Bomber fans have to allow him to grow as a Head Coach?

As far as I can remember, LaPolice has done well everywhere he has gone, and he's been with quite a few teams in the CFL. The fact that he's a very experienced coach on the offensive side of the ball, and that he obviously has passion (remember when he threw his headset down in anger in the booth upstairs after that 13th man mistake in the Grey Cup?), may make him a strong darkhorse.