Interesting Lapo..Interesting......

Did anyone catch the media statements by Lapo about releasing Jamie Barresi?
I found it quite interesting. They Released the guy even tho as a CO-offensive coordinator he wasn't calling the plays lapo was and lapo was running the offense.
And His comment to the statement. its your offense you were the one calling the plays "Sure but that has no relevance" then he tries to sidestep the question. Just looks like hes saving his job and sacrificing someone who never got the chance in this situation. And with barresi's reaction of shock, no way he saw that coming.
Especially considering later in the interview he says in the last quarter he let buck call his own plays.
Later he says "I don’t think play calling is our biggest concern," And that is funny, because the Bomber offense didn't do anything until the fourth quarter, when he stopped calling the plays. So Indeed I think it is all relevant.
So all game Lapo is running the O and doing nothing, but as soon as he lets buck call the plays they look like they have a chance. I'm just surprised we didn't have a couple of "too many men on the field" penalties with Lapo running the O at the grey cup.
Personally I think this has been our biggest issue all year. Lapo trying to be the Offensive Coordinator and calling plays. I personally, from all the years i played the game and all the years Ive watched this game, have never seen worse coaching for play calling and Game time decisions than on that bomber Offense. Honestly it took me back to some minor bantam football play calling, predictable and right out of a level one coaching book.
I think Lapo should have taken most of the blame there, especially considering he didn't really take any. Reminds me of Kent austin years back when he played(not coached Played) "Dont blame me blame them" haha.
I hope next year who ever they find As coordinator, Lapo doesn't have any say on play calling.

I don't think there was any doubt that Lapo and Baressi did have some sort of co/coordinator thing going on. But a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, maybe Lapo felt that Baressi was the weakest link and he could do better, in fact, what if he already had somebody else in mind????

from all of the interviews I've listened to by the offensive players, Lapo and Barresi, it sounds like its all Lapo and no real coordinator input. Sounds more like he wants both jobs and pretty much has it that way. And if that's the case hes the weakest link.

really which ones cuz the ones ive heard, doug brown, buck pierce, lapo.. they all say the exact opposite of what you say...
all ive heard was baressi lapo the coaches, the team leaders( buck,edwards on offense) all had input into the game plan..

what did u want? for LAPO to be canned? yeah 4-14 to grey cup finalist but fire the head coach? please. u need to stop reading gary lawless.

you also need to stop pretending and fooling yourself about what you've heard when reality is... what you say you've heard in all media interviews is the exact opposite of what was actually said in all media interviews.

jesus man... seriously..

jamie baressi got fired and theres this outrage about it.. like seriously?

There are mixed messages coming out of the organization.

Lapo says play calling was fine, that Baressi couldn't get the players to execute well enough, thus he was not re-upped.

Unknown player says the opposite, says play calling was too conservative and not until Buck started running the hurry up and calling plays did the offense start moving.

So which is it?

This team led the league in 2 and outs last year and there aren't many games you can point at the offense and say they bailed out the defense to get a W. LaPo blames execution on the field and says his playcalling is fine. I'm not sold on that. I've been disenchanted with the playcalling. To me the offense seems to be too predictable, a lot of short throws mixed into the run game, the occasional deep ball. Not a lot of intermediate routes. But that's just my opinion for what little its worth. I'm not calling for LaPo's head, but I've said it before and I'll stick to what I said - he should stick to being HC and should relinquish the playcalling responsibilities to a true OC. LaPo's stated he intends to keep calling the plays next year. That will severely hamper who will take that OC job and means they most likely hire an inexperienced guy as OC. Lawless pointed out in his article that more experience OCs won't buy into a system where they stand buy while another guy calls the shots and then have to take responsibility for it. Burke calls his shots on D and ultimately he's responsible for how they perform. But if LaPo stays true to his word and the offense continues to flounder this time responsibility will rest on his shoulders, no matter the teams record. Mack has said the goal is to win championships and if it becomes evident that LaPo can't deliver the big one, he'll be gone, winning record or not.

People need to remember that the play we saw on the field is not necessarily the play that was called. None of us know what calls were made for any given play so how can anyone be so certain that the play calling was "bad" and not the execution.

As OC, Barresi was responsible for making sure the offence was prepared and given our slow starts in so many games it would seem to have been a problem in that area.

And regarding any player comments, I'd take the word of Terrence Edwards over that of an anonymous player any day:

LaPolice is getting heat for his play calling skills, but veteran slotback Terrence Edwards believes it’s the players who aren’t producing.

“It doesn’t matter what play is called,? Edwards said. “You still gotta execute the play to the best of your abilities, so it’s not the play call. It’s the people running the plays. We gotta be better, first off.

“Everybody’s going to evaluate themselves. Everybody’s gotta play better and step their game up one notch to win it next year, but we have the pieces in this locker-room to make a strong run.?

…Baressi says in a recent article that he is ‘bitter’…Loved the Peg but got a bad rap…When you lead the league in 2 and outs and your offence is at or near the bottom in the league in a lot of departments…hmmmmmm somethings got to give…Finger pointing is not getting it done and the only recourse is going in a new direction to correct a deficiency…If that’s hard for Jamie to swallow…well sorry my man …that may be hard to accept BUT that’s the nature of the BIZ… :roll:

Read the same article about Barressi in the sun. For those interested
I can seen why he would be frustrated. Lapo says its not scapegoating but a coaching issue. I find this quote troublesome:

"[b]That (play calling) has no relevance as to how we perform[/b], how we teach our players, how we get aligned, how we get all the lines of communication open," LaPolice said. "So, I'm trying to be more process than end result. Certainly, I call the plays, like a lot of other structures É But there is also another structure that has to go on to be in the role of co-ordinator, and that's how we do it. I'm not placing blame. The blame for everything falls with me, but I think this is going to make us a more cohesive unit."
LaPos basically come out and say the problems aren't playcalling but a coaching issue and the insinuation is that it rests on Barressi. That would be contradictory to when he says the blame for everything falls with him. He's steadfastly defended his own role in the offense. It will be interesting to see who they hire. I think what happened with Baressi will scare away some potential quality OCs.

No one is going to be “scared away” from taking the position. There have been lots of firings in the past (in all sports) where fans or the media have said the same thing yet quality candidates were still interviewed and hired. Look at last season when Dan Kepley resigned from the Eskimos as LB coach, there was a LOT of critisism of the Eskimos by their local media (Terry Jones of the Sun absolutely skewered the Esks organization) and fans but that didn’t stop Mark Nelson from quickly accepting the position.

It might scare away some of the experienced OC's out there but it won't matter to new guys looking to move into the position, ala Bob Dyce or other current receivers/rbs coaches, imo.