interesting interview with Vernon Adams jr

Learned a little more about him


Animated and energetic! Old Nickname = “Big Play VA” – that’s a good sign.
New nickname = The Great Gesticulator ? His hoodie has the wrong logo on it…

TEMPE, Ariz — Oct 29, 2015
Before I take you to Oregon’s fourth and goal from the nine yard line,
with 23 seconds left in the game at Sun Devil Stadium, let me first take
you back to the practice fields at Eastern Washington University. It was
four years ago, during a practice in his freshman season, where the
nickname, “Big play V.A.,? was given to Vernon Adams Jr.

Adams was running from the pocket, backwards about 20-yards, making
all his teammates on the defense miss. He then rolled to his right, located
an open receiver, and fired a touchdown pass. “It was there everyone started
calling me Big play V.A.,? Adams said after Oregon’s 61-55 triple-overtime win
over Arizona State.

But after Adams’ performance Thursday night — in which he went 23-of-40
passing for 315 yards and four touchdowns — the graduate-transfer’s
teammates gave him a new nickname. It was a testament to his seemingly
impossible escapes from herds of blitzing Sun Devils defenders all night.
“Now,? Adams said with a smile, “it’s Houdini.?

Mikes Sterling

Warms my heart that I was right about Adams and Fajardo :wink:

With 3 practices a week sometimes 2 this is a playmaker’s league not a practice pretty boy league.

Cool interview / conversation . Thinking late May time period .

Adams laughing about Nik Lewis at him saying you can’t throw the ball was funny and Adams taking it with stride knowing he needs to up his game shows he matured and is ready to take that step up .

Montreal nightlife a legitimate cause for concern was genuine chatter .

Enjoyed the locker talk .