Interesting info about BC Place upgrades

A guy who works for a client of ours used to work for PCL at BC Place. Here's a few of the more interesting things he said about the job:

If you do not do your timed 30 minute stretches before/after work (unpaid time too) you are immediately fired. He was a subforeman and in 12 months was required to fire 14 people for not doing the full 30 minute stretch. Doing a 29 minute stretch results in immediate termination.

It will not be 100% done on time. What they will do is block off certain areas during games and then open them up as soon as the game is done to continue work. The main thing being seating which needs more time. It will for sure be 100% done before the Grey Cup.

For the Olympics all of the suites were redone, I saw them during the AC/DC concert and they looked great. HOWEVER, some contractor who was susposed to seal them up when the roof came off didn't. Massive mold damage to the units and PCL having rather heated talks with the contractor and their insurance company.

The new seats won't suck like the old ones.

It will look as good as the artists renderings show.

Here's a link to the webcams showing progress

...not a big fan of the architecture here, but it certainly is a massive undertaking, and therefore impressive....whodathunk turning an inside stadium into an outside stadium was fiscally possible...

You can do just about anything if you're willing to pay enough.

I think that it look`s just like a giant fondue pot.

Yeah. I said from the beginning that I didn't care for the poles sticking up from the top.

looks like whoever designed it was on Pot :roll:

Spokes look great. I mean if you can say this about the spokes, well, really the 1 billion dollar stadium at Dallas with the roof like that doesn’t look any better whatsoever to me, just different, a slider, jees I can make a slider roof out of some cardboard. Spokes, slider even the RC with the folding partitions on the roof, whatever works for opening the lid. What I hate is a fully enclosed marshmellow thingy, but it did sort of look iglooish for the Olympics. :wink:

Spokes thing looks super to me. :thup:

Great info Grims, interesting about the warmups. A bit weird though and hope they get that contractor.

Remember also that BC Place with this roof design like one in Germany can drop the whole roof so you don’t even see the upper bowl when necessary. I don’t know of any other design that does this, and drop the middle of the field video board with it. :o Very cool. :thup:

i think it looks cool and i fully intend to attend a game there next summer!

just to clairify, earl; the roof doesnt drop to cover the upper bowl. there are folding flaps that go up and cover the upper deck from view.
if you go to the whitecaps website, there is a ‘view from your seat’ 3d rendering of the stadium’s interior, and it is clear that the upperdeck is just covered from view. not the roof lowering, as was previously thought.

Ah ok DG, didn’t know of the actual specifics of what was happening will admit. But the video board does actually drop somewhat I think, true?

Awesome looking place.

sure, its not affecting your skyline


FYB, aren't the mountains fairly high though if you're referring to that aspect of the skyline, I would think. And people who have bought residences near the stadium have seen the stadium there since 1982 I think when it opened. :?

I think the PCL “stretch” requirement has been greatly exaggerated. Here is a cut-and-paste from a PCL on-site health, safety and environmental plan:

“All workers on-site are required to start the day with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching.”

Also noted in a job promotion brochure: “PCL promotes a five-minute stretch and flex program for employees at the start of each workday, and has recently launched a lunchtime “Walk at Work? program.”

It is called the PCL “stretch and flex program”, similar model is used by several construction companies.

The purpose is much for the same reason as pro-athletes do before practices and games to warm-up and limber-up to reduce the probability of injury.

Probably helps.reduce workers becoming injured. When you think of it, a lot of construction jobs, maybe all, are very manual like athletics.

It makes perfect sense. Even the company I work for promotes daily 1/2 hour walks and weekly 1/2 hour dance classes. It's good for physical and mental health, and it raises morale and fosters a sense of teamwork. Pre-work stretching in the construction industry especially sounds like well-considered idea.