Interesting Grey Cup Trivia involving current 8 teams


Feel free to add some trivia of your own that you've researched.

  1. Edmonton is tied with one other CFL for the most Grey Cup appearances. Do you know who the other team is?

  1. How many Grey Cup appearances have the Eskies made?

  1. Which team has the highest percentage of Grey Cup wins?

  1. Which team holds the longest consecutive Grey Cup championships. [aka longest Grey Cup dynasty]

  1. This year marks the 100th Grey Cup anniversary. 50 years ago marked the greatest oddity in Grey Cup history. The game actually had to be played over two days. The following link will give you an idea why but will not help you answer the questions below:
[url=] ... ostPopular[/url]

How many fans showed up to the game the first day and how many returned the next day? Who won the game and how much scoring took place the second day?

Enjoy :thup:

The Fog Bowl; no scoring on the second day as Winnipeg wins 28-27 over Hamilton.

Ever find out how many fans returned to the game the second day backer@oldclarke? It might surprise you.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  2. 24
  3. Queen's University/Hamilton Alerts/Montreal AAA Winged Wheelers/St. Hyacinthe-Donnacona Navy/Toronto RCAF Hurricanes
  4. Edmonton Eskimos
  5. 32,655; 15,000; Winnipeg Blue Bombers; 0

Internet makes this too easy.

Good for you Gornaldatron. I'm concerned about your answer to question 3. Are those "current" CFL teams?

Oh right, involving current eight teams. In terms of CFL teams, it would be the Toronto Argonauts.

Yep, that's the one! The questions by the way weren't intended to be difficult. I hope people will use the internet or other source. It's just to generate a little interest and fun. Feel free to add more to do with the Grey Cup.