Interesting Grey Cup Fan Split

I was at the 2014 Grey Cup.

Of coarse there were many Stamps fans there to cheer the stamps, but the rest of the fans were for sure for the Cats.

Here is what I noticed.

Edm and Sask hate Calgary, so they were for Ham.
BC and Win do not hate Calgary but would rather see Ham win.
East supporters were for Ham.

It is easy to notice as most of the fans were draped in their team colors.
Here is what I am wondering ?
Were the rest of the fans against Calgary, because it is normal to cheer for the underdog team? Or is Calgary hated in the league for some reason?

The Vancouver Convention Center had a t-shirt sale booth . I noticed t-shirts that said " ANYBODY BUT CALGARY "

Just wondering.

Heh, yeah a lot of people hate Calgary. It's kind of becoming the Toronto of the west, centre of the universe kind of thing. Plus, the team itself has had some annoying characters over the past decade or so.

Plus Canadians in general hate a winner, unless it is your team. Look at other sports. Hockey, when the Oilers were on top everbody cheered against them, Wayne Gretzky was hated outside of Edmonton and knowledgeble fans. Curling fans generally dislike whatever team is on top, outside of their province, despite her success, Jennifer Jones doesn’t get a lot of support.

I think it is generally the Canadian way to cheer for the underdog loser.

Well that at least explains your hatred for Riders and Lovein with the Eskiomos. :lol: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I think it has more to root against your rival. In this case, it would be Calgary.

Though Vancouver is a neutral venue, you still don't want to see one of your rivals hoist the cup in your house.

His love in for the Esks is explained by the fact he is an Eskimo fan.
Hatred for Rider nation is not hard.

BTW, everyone thinks the EE stands for Edmonton Eskimos.
That is a misconception. It really stands for EVERYONE'S ENEMY.


But whatever happened to East vs West??

My hypothesis?

When the league was first formed, it being a merge of the inter-provincial and western rugby union. I think fans looked at it like their league vs. the other. Overall supremacy (old AFL vs. NFL). iI one's team lost in the west final, for example and the west rep still won the cup, the west runner up can still look at themselves as second best.

Over the course of a generation - fans now look at it as one league with one champ. 2nd place is now the first loser.

Could be mistaken but perhaps Lions fans just wanted to be mean that weekend to their western brethren....and rightfully so :smiley:

I was cheering the Cats all the way for two reasons. Of course I would have cheered on any team that met the Stamps. I don't dislike the Stamps. I just wanted to revel in seeing their bubble burst. :wink:

People love an underdog and after a decade of awful play in Hamilton from 1999-2009 and not making it to the show once, fans of other teams want to see franchises who can be perceived as struggling or hurting to win, as it tends to help that market attract more CFL fans, even if many are only temporary fans.

:thup: :thup:

East vs West?? The only time I cheer for the East is when the Cats are playing :rockin: Like any sane person is going to cheer for the Alouettes or Argos when they don't have to :lol: I can honestly say that the last non Cat East team that I cheered on in the Cup was the "81" Ottawa R Riders. As a matter of fact back in "96" when we realized that the team from Toronto was going to win the Cup in the final minute of the game we all left (around 10 of us ) rather than sticking around for the Cup presentation. As a matter of fact ironically the last two seasons would have seen me cheering on the Riders in "13" and the Stamps last year if either the Argos or Al's won the respective East final instead of the Cats the last two seasons. :rockin: :cowboy:

So…if I read you correctly Bobo…

You are a die hard Argos fan and if they're not playing but the Als are then you are cheering the Als on but if it comes down to the crunch you will cheer on the Ti-Cats providing of course they're not playing either the Argos or Als and the price of ricotta cheese hasn't increased by more than .90 a kg. Is that right? :rockin:

I was in Calgary for the 2011 Stanley cup and everyone was cheering for Boston. I told people that the Stanley cup was canadas national trophy and that we had not won it since porn center folds were born and he ple argued that the canucks were a Swedish team that played a whiner brand of hockey

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I think you meant to write " 2002 - 2009 " TC won in 99 and followed up with 2 good seasons in 2000 and 2001 .

In fact when the playoffs started in 2001 , I thought the TC would win the GC.

Sadly , it was downhill after that.

As for 2014, I think a lot had to do with the EAST having no respect up to after Labor Day. When they started winning games.
Like the little kid getting picked on by a bully , then he finally puts up a fight.

Not hating. Just curious.

@FYB, yup, good point. Someone should give Bungle a run for his money. :lol: