Interesting game tonight?

What happened to Ottawa defence in the fourth quarter?

The duo of Dominique Davis and Dominique Rhymes combined for 11 completions for 168 yards and a touchdown in the win.
Quite likely the highest single-game passing production ever engineered by two men named Dominique in the history of football.

On that measure, I predict a record-setting season for this duo in 2019.

Thigpen was unsigned when SK brought him on in late 2017 for their playoff run.

It was later revealed that he tested positive for a banned anabolic steroid in November 2017:

Still waiting for Dork to explain what Ottawa’s “committee” of Offensive Co-Ordinaters knew about Saskatchewan’s defence that Condell didn’t know.

Compared to Hamilton a week earlier, Ottawa put up double the yardage and double the points against Sask with a QB starting only his 2nd game and no real OC.

The East will have more parity this year than people think.

I said OTTs offense was run by a "committee " ?

No. Rick Campbell said that.

You seem ready and poised to defend any criticism or questioning of Condell’s offence.

In particular you stated that the Sask D-line and secondary are very good and that is why Condell struggled.

So for the third time in this thread I will attempt to have you explain how Ottawa without a true OC was able to exploit this incredible Sask defence yet Condell was not.

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This week Ottawa’s o-line handled Sask’s front 4. Last week Hamilton’s o-line, not so much. Time for QB to throw was the difference, they did it with the o-line, and as well in the first half lots of play action.

True should be interesting! If Ottawa wins and we lose Sat then what ?!

Our offense is a work in progress and Ottawa is pretty good!

Those darn Redblacks! ::slight_smile:

"Defended " Condell by way of pointing out Jones offense produced two (2) losses against SSK last year yet people wanted to condemn last week’s victory as some sort of verdict on Condell.

Yes, SSK defense got lit up last night. Which prompts all kinds of questions about SSK coaching. Davis found a weakness in the secondary and SSK did nothing to adjust.

Still think SSK has a great defense. Time will tell if they’re being betrayed by poor coaching or just not that good.

I think Glen Suitor explained it well, on the telecast of the game, when he talked about Winston October, the WR Coach, being the guy who calls the offensive plays for Ottawa. Suitor quoted him as saying their plays are designed to take advantage of their QB’s skills – he can pass, run, escape the rush, scramble and throw on the run quite well.

My biggest concern about the TiCat offence, after seeing one game, is that Condell may be doing the opposite – coaching Masoli to play to his standard calls, rather than calling plays better suited for the QB’s skills. Another game, or two, should make it clear if that’s the case.

But it still boils down to decision making by the QB. What Davis does isn’t all by design by his OC.
One can’t scrutinize Condell and leave Masolis decision making completely out of the equation.
Using two different teams as a benchmark for your team is a fools errand anyway.
MTL beat SSK last year.
For the second straight game OTT still needed all the breaks to win despite lots of offense.
That won’t last.

Ottawa looked great. QB Davis looks like Michael Vick in his prime.

And the Riders may have found a QB in Fajardo. This kid showed some things last night that suggested to me he can play. Up to last night I thought he was just another backup. Give him playing time, and he will keep getting better.

I also think the Riders will eventually get on a roll. I was impressed by HC Craig Dickenson when he was interviewed after their game with Hamilton. Very professional coach.

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Just attempting to get an interesting discussion going about the Cats underperforming offensive output against Sask.

Dork eventually responded to keep the discussion rolling.

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THIS is a legitimate concern. Although still way to early to tell.

June Jones system might have been what best suited Masoli. But if after a few games we are still only getting 250 yards of total offence then either Condell or Masoli will need to figure out how to adapt real quick.

From the Toronto pre-season game and the Sask game, I think this is a legitimate fear more than a concern. Masoli only threw the one deep shot to Banks for the TD, in the Sask game, a staple of the 2018 season under Jones. Other than that, we were back to the cross-field passes for three or four yard gains, including Condell’s patented three and four yarders on second and long. A deep throw for Condell seems to be 7 or 8 yards.

If he wants to throw a screen or a hitch, make it a 10 or 15 yard toss, not a 40 yarder with the DB bearing down on the receiver. “Speed kills” whether on the offensive or defensive side.

Krisiun and I have had it out a few times in the past, but I’ve gotta offer some unsolicited defense, he seems perfectly reasonable in his pursuit of discussion here.