Interesting game tonight?

It will be interesting to measure these two against week one. Are the Redblacks that good? Is the Rider D the reason our offence faltered?

The fact that the sum total of SSK QBing consists of a career backup and two rookies ought to be factored in aswell.

My thought as well, Garney. Fajardo has had a week to settle in with the first team reps, and Powell may be on a mission. We should have a fairly good comparison of the Cats and Ottawa by games end.

We got a pretty good look at that and I think they performed as expected. It's the D that did fairly well at stopping an offense most predicted would be at the top of the league.

Still, it is essentially the same Riders line up on offence and defence that faced the Cats for the majority (all but three plays?) of June 13 game. Plus Fajardo has had a week's worth of first team practice and coaching. So we are still comparing apples to apples here. If Ottawa dominates, I think it would be a wake-up call for Hamilton.

It’s good that noticing what HAMS offense and their OC does against certain teams is fashionable now and not taboo anymore.

Cool way to reply Woody…can’t be quoted that way I guess.

I am the opposite of your thoughts. I want a Sask win instead of Ottawa being 2-0. Want the Cats to win the East and rest players down the stretch if need be.

Sorry…I have no idea how that happened. But just the same

Most interesting will be your response in defense of Condell if Dom Davis lights up the Sask defence.

The quote system on this site is kinda messed up. It puts the quote in a box INSIDE the reply box and if you type right in the box inside the box you add your text to the quote. It's not well coded.

Been a while Woody. When's the last time I saw you, Montreal '08? I know we hung out in '06 when I hit that deer near Indian Head on the way in, and everybody had breakfast Monday morning before leaving town.

Good points, and/or maybe the Stampeders lost a few steps (fingers crossed).

Ottawa runs up 25 in 20 minutes against a defence we struggled against.

Only conclusion is we should just mail this year in. What’s the point anyways.

I don’t remember, but, how did we lose Thigpen?

Ottawa is much better than I expected. Damn. Seems like Marcel has turned into a solid GM.

Free Agency . Signed in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins prior to the start of the 2012 season .

You planning on watching the next game? Or is it season over, onto 2020?

Thanks, I forgot about that. Must be an early seniors moment

Everything about Ottawa irritates me. They should suck and they don’t. We always under achieve regardless of who we have. I hope things are different this year and moving forward.