Interesting game, Also observation on Banks and Collaros

Well Hamilton was competitive in places and that was great to see. Once they stopped giving Edmonton a 10 yard cushion to play pitch and catch they started making problems for them, but it took 3 quarters for that to happen and I think it is only because someone overheard Suitor talking about it.

On to Banks: he seems to be doing a lot of E-W running and is very willing to run out of bounds or lay down in front of a pending tackle. Honestly I can't remember the last time he lowered his head and popped the pads.

On Collaros: I think he has seen the bear too often and is feeling pressure when it isn't there, but you can't really blame him. He definitely has 'happy feet'.

Gable: was horrible blocking for Collaros this game; one guy he just let run right around him and at the 34 second mark he bumped the guy and released him, allowing him to tackle Zac while he went on to double team another guy.

Austin is going to have a heart attack if he keeps going like that on the sidelines.

Nice analysis.

Both O tackles had tough games last night. (and for most of the season so far). That needs to be addressed. It seems that the scheme is to keep Zack in the pocket more but that can’t work if the pocket caves in every play. The offence got better once Zack moved around.

The D secondary looked better and there was some decent tackling all game. But I agree with you on the cushion they were giving the receivers. Good tackling 12 yards down the field is not a plan for winning.

It was impressive what EE were able to do with a 4-5 man rush last night; no wonder our receivers were always covered man to man.

I agree Billy. The LT in particular was slow and allowed pass rushers to scramble around him on a number of occasions. O-line collapse is the main problem here. They allow opposition D-line to push them back several yards and around Zack in pocket. You can’t throw with 4 or 5 of their guys rushing all around you and with 4 or 5 of our own guys backing up into you.

I agree. And, another area of great improvement, in this game, was discipline. The penalty stats show HAM 3/39 and EDM 14/159. I recall just a couple of off-sides, Tasker & Chick, and Ted’s late hit on Reilly at the end of the first half. At that point, with 11 secs. to go on the clock, EDM was going to kick a FG, which they did from 25 yds. out rather than 40. So, that one maybe didn’t really hurt us as much as it maybe hurt the EDM QB.

Very good game on Friday...would have only needed a field goal at the end to send it into overtime of the game if the silly choice of not taking the field goal earlier & trying 3rd & whatever& that was on the coaches. Lets face it if the throw to the end-zone was caught we win...a pretty good showing against an unbeaten team!!!