Interesting facts about Corportate sponsorship

The following is an interesting article regarding public company sponsorships for Montreal pro franchises and it touches the Als. Also makes you wonder how a hockey team in Quebec City is supposed to survive...

Hydro-Québec remporte la palme avec 13 211 000 $ ainsi dépensés sur cette période, et Loto-Québec vient au second rang, avec 8 487 000 $.

En plus de sa loge au Centre Bell, Hydro a profité de loges au stade Percival Molson des Alouettes (commandites annuelles de 150 000 à 200 000 ), au stade Saputo pour l'Impact (200 000 à 300 000 ), à l'OSM (550 000 à 625 000 ) et à l'OSQ (75 000 à 150 000 ).

Changement de philosophie

Le porte-parole de la société, Louis-Olivier Batty, prévient toutefois qu'un coup de barre a été donné, alors que seule une loge à l'Orchestre symphonique de Québec sera conservée en 2012.

La loge au Centre Bell a été abandonnée en 2009, « dans le but de réduire nos dépenses », précise-t-il.

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Notice how Hydro Quebec gave the Impact double and the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra 4 times what it gave the Als...

Probably because it takes more juice to light up the Big Owe for those temporary Impact games. Compensation. :wink:

Maybe the plan is for the OSM to move to electric instruments :wink:

Just got my season tickets. Really nice actually. Why am i posting this here? Cuz I noticed for the august 23 game vs hamilton (Calvillo's 40th bday) there is no corporate sponsor on the ticket.

I have a question for those in the know. What happened to the Molson Export patch they used to wear on their upper-left chest? It was not there last year and seems not to be there again this year. Meanwhile all other teams sport two patches on their chest.

Does that not represent a rather significant loss of revenue?

Molson à acheté les Canariens. Toute l'explication est là.

But the Als are not the Habs competitors, are they? Besides, Molson (beer) logo is still painted on the field at Molson stadium.

Yes,Molson is still a sponsor of the Als but when they became majority owners of Les Canadiens, their sponsorship in/to the Als decreased substantially. One major reason of the decrease during the past 3 years or so. Easy to understand. Could improve nevertheless with Marc Weightman,since he should have a better relation/cooperation with the Molsons.



Thank you for the insight. I guess one of the major tasks for whoever managing the club's businesses now is to find the second patch sponsor, is it not?

Quite the hawkeye, I hadn't even noticed. I think they still have a RONA patch though.

Yes given M. Lalonde's relationship was probably a little "frosty" with Geoff Molson. :wink:

I remember the als being the first cfl team to put company logo patches on their team uniforms and cfl execs were miffed. now every cfl team is doing it. copycats. :roll:

There are NO interesting facts about corporate sponsorship

Rona commandite TOUTES les équipes de la ligue. Ça serait le boutte si les Alouettes n'avaient pas leur patch!

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Last year, all teams wore RONA patch on the right chest for regular season games. On the left chest, teams in the West division also wore Scotiabank patch. Winnipeg also wore Canad Inns patch, Hamilton Primus patch and Nissan for Toronto.

Only the Alouettes went out with just one patch.

To think: we were the pioneers in that department as in a lot of other things for this league.

woo hoo. time to tag you in the ring. There's an als facebook group 'Als 2012' if anyone wants to join.

This group has been all right. Time for me to go. Cheers and Let's go Als. :wink:

Normally, I am not a fan of uniform "patches". Professional soccer teams are plastered with corporate logos. However, considering the unbelievable salaries they have to pay, maybe there is no other choice. Personnally, I think this makes sports' uniforms look like billboards or sandwich signs.

If, however, teams limit the wearing of corporate patches to one or two sponsors, then that would be OK. This could perhaps bring in more revenue all around.

The European hockey leagues and tournaments have them all beat in my opinion. Corporate advertising all over the uniforms from helmet down to the pants.