Interesting Double Header

Rumour floating on CKNW this afternoon that the Lions will host a "Saskatchewan" double header. When BC hosts the Saskatchewan Roughriders, SFU will also play the Saskatchewwan Huskies a couple hours before hand. Both under the dome! The Lions and Clansmen are going to offer it as a double header!

What a neat double Header! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Have any other teams set up CIS / CFL double headers before?

It's happened (probably accidentally) where the Riders and Pats were playing the same City on the same day/weekend, possibly with junior football as well. I don't know about the Rams.

That is pretty good. Although that's a long day of football for most people I would think. I know I would like it, but others might not.

Seem to recall this happening with UBC visting the Rams here? Maybe it was just the same weekend? Also, does this not happen with the Bisons and the Bombers at labour day in Regina?

The talk was 1:00 CIS game 7:00 CFL game. Enough time to grab a bite at one of the resteraunts

When I lived in Calgary, the closest I got to that was a double-header with Junior and CIS football. The other football teams (junior nad CIS) don't use McMahon the same days as the Stamps. I remember it was the weekend of the Labour Day rematch, the Stamps were playing in Edmonton (this was back in '92 or '93) and there was the UofA Golden Bears playing the UofC Dinos at McMahon in an afternoon game. The Calgary Colts took on the Edmonton Huskies (or could've been the Wildcats, can't remember) that evening. It was quite a day of football, quite entertaining.
I would like to see a CIS, CFL double-header, that would be great football entertainment. Would be worth spending a day in Calgary or Edmonton (depending on who's playing who and where).

Might be a good idea. McMaster against U of T or York before an Argo/TiCat game. McMaster against McGill before a TiCat/ Als game.
Sounds good to me. Probably just once a year. Why not on Labour Day.
Albert at Calgary, Manitoba at Regina and U of Toronto at McMaster (ouch). I guess McGill and UBC don’t play each other. Maybe we need a Div I in Canada with some cross over games.
But if the CFL wants to help promote the CIS, this would be a good way to do it IMO.

Actually, for the first time this year, there are inter-conference games in CIS. I know that the UofS is hosting Concordia in one such game, so your wish may be granted.

Very Close. the saturday the day before the bombers faced the riders at mosaic stadium, the UofM bisons faced the Regina Rams at mosaic. wasn't the same day but i did enjoy one of my home teams winning in regina that week.

Apparently SFU is going to play 4 of their games at BC Place this year.

Personally, seeing weekend double headers work for me! :thup: :thup: