Interesting comments from the team

I just read this article on TSN. It has some interesting comments from some of the players, as well as Hall. I particularly liked the comments from Campbell. I hope to hell his baggage is finally behind him. I imagine he realizes just how close he is to getting the ax.

I noticed that J. Goss has been placed on the reserve list. I wonder perhaps if Mo Lloyd being vocal and expressed his feelings on certain players not pulling their weight and perhaps Goss was one of them? Jason Goss is a seven year vet ( 3 seasons with Hamilton and 4 with Edmonton) so just maybe there is more to it that we don't know about. all in all I would like to see the Eskies play well and beat Toronto by 13 or 16 points.

No doubt how I would wish the same to get us back higher confidence, but for now I won't be greedy and take happily another ugly win to give us two in a row on a road to recovery.

He left Hamilton as a cry baby and if the Esk's lose much more, I wouldn't expect anything different from him.

Apparently Jason Goss will be coming off the reserve list and will play CB this Friday opposite Rod Davis.