Interesting comments from Ferri

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No problem. I can't believe I'm already starting to forget the details of that incredible game. One of the best sports comebacks I've ever seen. :rockin:

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Just a thought, and some constructive criticism; maybe this forum should charge a 10 cent fee everytime someone uses a smilie or a thumbs up/down. Things that are free tend to be overused...

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There are times when a simple smiley as a response works; however, doing that excessively is quite irritating. Try to contribute something to the conversation instead of flooding topics with smileys.


Yes it was Bratton who fumbled. That particular kick return however was a classic demonstration of what a " slower " but bigger back can accomplish when the speedster is not able to evade the defense rush. I have reviewed this play many times and consider Brattens run through wave after wave of defenders to be a master piece- thankfully we did retain the ball. As noted I was hoping to see Bratton in 2010 as Maypray's speed was stopped cold. I believe this would be a good option when the speedster is stopped cold.

C'est vrai, mais en même temps, ça camoufle un problème plus profond. Lorsque la fusée ne peut décoller parce que les joueurs adverses sont dessus avant le ballon, le véritable problème est dans les schémas de blocage. Un plus gros retourneur peut briser des lignes de couvreurs de temps en temps, mais à la longue, les mêmes causes produisent les mêmes effets. Il faut donc travailler sur tous les tableaux.

I agree with LeStaf. Long term, the blocking has to get better. I'm confident Bischoff will adjust this season. He's had a full year of being STC and should be now acquainted with the particular strengths of our ST personnel. Don't forget, he had to take over at the end of TC after Kent was fired / asked to resign. He didn't have any time to prep the position and was likely learning on the job through a very tumultuous season for the team. But I saw progress on the special teams front down the stretch. We sprang Maypray for a punt return in the EDF, and contained Chad Owens. In the Grey Cup, we successfully executed a direct snap to Deslauriers in the Grey Cup despite Duval's repeated 'tells' (i.e. glancing to the right).

I think Bischoff is going to be fine as coordinator. I don't think Trestman would have approved him staying in that position if he didn't feel Bischoff could do the job. And to me the biggest ST improvement will be Whyte replacing Duval.

to think bischoff will not be improved as a ST coach is really funny!! do people forget he’s trestman’s right hand man!!

At least you did not call him Treatman...

Guys stop quoting him,please... pollutes the forum with his sarcastic comments.

Je crois que cette conclusion est prématurée. L’an dernier, Bischoff n’était pas destiné à être entraîneur des unités spéciales. Il n’avait pas pu se préparer en conséquence et a dû apprendre cette fonction en même temps qu’il devait s’occuper d’autres aspects. Cette fois, il a pu planifier son travail et concevoir ce qu’il devait faire pour faire progresser l’équipe aussi sur ce plan. Il faudra faire le bilan à la fin de la saison. Le faire avant, c’est mettre la charrue en avant des boeufs.

sarcastic no!! honest yes!! brian bratton is a speed merchant in a bigger body!! not slower then maypray!!

Despite concentrating on the Bruins playoff run...I do take some time now and again to follow a thread or two.

It seems, from Ferri's confident exuberance...from the obvious and necessary coaching changes....and from one or two personnel adjustments....that the Alouettes may be on the way to sticking one or two fingers in the leaky pass defense dyke. More aggressive attack....emphasis on the great talent on our defensive squad. Sounds like a plan!

It's great to see the kicking duties resolving to someone dependable (one would assume). And a Canadian to boot!

Still...even in the little time and behind the positive vibes of Ferri's enthusiasm, one or two problems remain to be resolved:
I certainly don't share his opinion of how great it is to have so many people competing for the running back position....and even less those he anoints as heir apparent (following party line?).

Whitaker has neither the guts nor the talent to carry the Alouettes rushing/pass blocking/outlet passing duties for a full grueling season. NFL has-beens and CFL fumblepuss' hardly seem to fit the bill either. Of course I hope to be proven wrong.
But at the same time....I can't help thinking that Jim Popp is resting on his laurels on this one. Surely there's more talent than this to be had...somewhere on the continent!

Ferri wants more returns. Give him the job...I say. If Maypray's the best we can do...then our return game's a dud for another season. Blocking coaching etc yes...I agree. But the guy simply doesn't have it. If we're not going to shell out for a decent return game...then let's at least let kamikaze Ferri get a crack in on a regular basis (and maybe Chip Cox every once in a while...if we can spare him)

I worry about Calvillo. No...not that again. People are under-stating Cobourne's role protecting the QB....both as a blocker and as a reliable outlet man. If AC holds on to the ball that much longer because (insert name here) doesn't have the reliable hands he's used to....or if another crucial block is flubbed....the team is going on a real tangent REAL early in the season. That's not counting Cobourne's role as a punishing back....putting defenses on their heels and creating time and space for receivers.

Still...hopefully everything will work itself out.
Will see everything unfold just after Lord Stanley puts the Cup to rest for another year.

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So either way you win. If Calvillo has success you win and if something bad happens your favourite QB will get his shot.

Really? Who are these people?

From what I've seen here, I'd venture to suggest that all of us who post here have agreed that Cobourne's role in protecting the QB has been crucial, as has his role as an outlet man, and I think all of us are leery about Whitaker's ability to replace him adequately.

I am not aware of anyone here who has 'under-stated' Cobourne's role either as a blocker or as a receiver.

I believe we are all right on this one. Everyone who posts here are Cobourne fans and, we all have uncertanty that the team will be able to find a replacement as good as him. Maybe it was the coaching staff that underrated Cobourne's skill?