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Changes on Defense
Parker and Anderson may switch positions
Players to look out for in 2011 Holness and Brouillette

A very interesting read! Thanks for posting.

what? no way. find that hard to believe. could have had parker at CB last season. if true why spend the money on anderson this spring? makes no sense to me. sorry!!

Very interesting. Apparently Tibesar wants to blitz more and leave guys in man coverage. With Anderson arriving, we may just have the horses to be that aggressive. Surprising that Anderson and Parker may switch positions. I thought Parker rebounded down the stretch and had himself a great postseason -- he shut down Getzlaf in the Grey Cup and came up with that great airborne pick against Durant to ensure our win.

I would have no problems with more blitzing as "THE DON" had with butler, strickland et al.!!

For the past two seaons Billy Parker intercepted a Durant pass late in both games to destroy any SASK opportunity for a win in the two Grey Cup games.

exactly right. my point right on the nail head!! why move him and change his position!!

To add to the above post, I would like to have Ferri handling some punt returns. Especially in the last Grey Cup game the speed of Maypray was discounted by the SASK rush. While watching this game I was thinking of Bratten the year before when he was sent into this position by Trestman and, smashed and slanted his way to some good returns. The coverage by SASK was so effective last November that the issue of speed on the returns was ineffective. In these situations, a switch from Maypray to someone like Ferri would add muscle and power to the kick return game which might be utilized when the speedster is quickly shut down.

if I'm not mistaken didn't bratton fumble a punt near the end of the game that bedard recovered and saved "us" in that GC?

ETIENNE BOULAY #22 recovered that punt, NOT Bedard #37. So what, because the guy fumbled one punt he ain't no good? :expressionless:

:roll: :twisted: :lol:

C'est Boulay qui a récupéré le ballon.

I'm pretty sure Jerald Brown was the DB who intercepted Durant in the 2009 Grey Cup.

En fait, c'est Larry Taylor qui avait échappé le ballon.

Pour ce qui est de l'interception, c'était effectivement Brown.

Not the fourth-quarter fumble which Boulay recovered. That was Bratton. I remember because they were using Bratton on that punt return precisely because they didn't want any fumble issues, only to have Bratton lose the ball.

I believe Taylor may have fumbled a kick return earlier in the game, but I'm pretty sure it was Bratton fumbling in the late fourth quarter.


C'est ce que je croyais aussi, mais j'ai trouvé ceci :

9:43 p.m. Larry Taylor fumbles on the punt return but the Als recover. Still, they lose valuable field position with 40 seconds left in the game. Calvillo throws it away on first down.

J'ai pas tout compris, mais quand j'ai vu "Larry Taylor", j'ai concentré là-dessus. Là, j'ai compris que c'était le dernier dégagement des Roughriders. Je croyais aussi que c'était Bratton, mais ce compte rendu semble dire que c'était Taylor. Alors ou bien ce commentateur a tort (alors que c'est supposé avoir été livré "live"), ou bien il a raison. Pour l'instant, je m'en remets à ce témoignage. Je gratterai un peu plus ce soir.

The article is incorrect: it was Bratton. I own the 2009 Grey Cup game on iTunes and I just re-watched the sequence. On the replay, you get a closeup of the returner's back before he fields the kick and it is 85, with Bratton on the back of the jersey.

OK. Merci de me faire gagner du temps!