Interesting Comments by Lancaster

To be honest, I've read this stuff about Ron and Marcel making statements that are at odds with each other for over a week now and haven't said a word.....but I will now......who cares?'s a depressing topic and only lowers the morale of the team, management and fans when us fans make more out of it than it's worth and the media feeds off it like they have.....

....let them work it all out in private (where it should be) so we can all have fun at the next game on Sunday.....crap happens behind the scenes in the best of organizations so I really don't see the need to stress about all works out somehow.

A Win on Sunday solves a lot of BS....

Go Cats Go!

And a huge, loving farewell to Pigskin Pete! :rockin:

Imagine how depressed, angry or confused
all the Tiger Cat players must have felt

when Marcel trotted this 'turkey that won't fly'
out in the press for all eyes to see?

Much ado about nothing.

This is now Marcel's team.

Nothing really matters now, RL will not be part of the TiCats after this year. "We thank you Ron for all the hard work and dedicated devotion you have put into the team for all these years, muchly appreciated." Ronnie is just getting in a few last comments before he rides out into the sunset, that's all.

Well said Earl.

Also I won't forget how Ron Lancaster did not abandon ship when times were at their toughest.

Good on him for manning up!

Is it too soon to begin speculating which sports channel CFL panel Ron will apart of next year?

I'd love to see Ron appear alone as a guest on Off the Record. Good timing would be after his firing but before the 06 Grey Cup.

Well, I don't think it will be a firing but rather more an official retirement from the TiCats, I hope so anyway.

See my previous post where RL appeared on the radio and stated just about the same thing way before Marcel did.

Ron Lancaster said they played poorly, mycko75

but Ron didn't say that they played poorly
intentionally or deliberately like Marcel did.

Here is the article [click here]

Here is a quote.

"The general manager also said he heard

some members of the team deliberately
played poorly early in the season

to get some members of the coaching staff fired."

"In some cases, players had - again this is second hand -

intentionally stopped playing to get somebody
removed from their job.

It's been said.

I haven't seen it, but it's been said," Desjardins said.

Fans can make all the unsubstatiated claims they want
but not a G.M. who wasn't here at the time to witness it!

Professional reputations are at stake.

Totally unprofessional.

ronfromtigertown....wrong..he said they QUIT in response to a specific question asked of him

RON LANCASTER (not a fan..but our interim head coach..and a whole bunch of other positions earlier in the season) went on Primetime Sports on Fan590 a few weeks ago (WELL BEFORE MARCEL SAID ANYTHING) and said the same thing you are criticizing Marcel for saying. No names. Just that he thought the team quit earlier in the season.

Why is no one on him for saying it first? Why did he change his tune in this article?

Care to answer those?

When Ron said they QUIT..or that he thought the team quit
is it not possible that he was making a general comment

unlike Marcel who more specifically
directed his at individuals, mycko75?

I think so.

A quote from the same article.

He also warned that fans of the Ticats could be surprised
at which players won't be back next season.

"I'm not going to keep guys around who are overpaid.

It's as simple as that."

Desjardins also said that the new $4.05 million salary cap
will be a factor in personnel decisions.

Which individuals did Marcel direct his comments at? What? You can’t answer that? So we are at the same point of a ‘general’ comment made by both men.

And no, I dont believe it was meant as generally as you imply. Ron was asked if the team quit, and he candidly answered yes. Please explain the difference.

And the fact that Marcel will get rid of high priced players not playing up to their value, I applaud that. In the area of a salary cap, having the players playing to their worth is even more important.

I’ve said it another thread, the only players that would be shocked, upset, saddended or whatever else you said, are those that did give up. Those who gave their all on every play, know they gave their all on every play and have no need to be worried. Marcel did not say the TEAM quit (like Ron did), he said ‘some individuals’ did.

This whole debate is getting blown out of proportion. Both men said things, and oddly enough, I agree with both of them.

The future of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, however, belongs to Marcel Desjardins, not Ron Lancaster.

Dejardinjs has read the riot act to this team and I fully concur.

Work your magic for us, Marcel!

Here is some advice for Marcel. :lol:

[click here]

"Marcel said"....."Ron said".......... man ,we must be out of the playoffs and desperate housewives .