Interesting Comments by Lancaster

Coach Lancaster was interviewed on the CHML morning show today (regular Wednesday morning update) and he made some interesting comments re statements and "suggestions" made by new GM Dejardin.

Lancaster stated he didn't buy this idea of players playing for next season and especially the idea that some players deliberately didn't play at times or to their potential.

He seems quite at odds with thoughts and comments that GM Dejardin has been expressing.

When asked about his future, he said he didn't know but considering the apparent opposing views in existence, the writing may be on the wall.

***(Edit and clarification... Dejardin's name was not specifically mentioned or referenced (that I can recall) but Lancaster's responses were based on questions posed by the interviewer (Shoena Thompson (sp))


Differences of opinion, I have them at least once a week with my colleagues, par for the course for any working environment.

I have to agree with the "Coach". I am not very impressed with the new GM presenting the team as a whole as slackers and not playing for jobs next year. This team has not been given the best opportunity to prove themselves due to lack of leadership and coaching. The head coach gets gassed early in the season and replaced by the "Coach" who really didn't want the job in the first place. Then get rid of the O.C. so now run the team by committee???? This is suppose to be a professional football team but so far I havn't seen much professional management to date.

A professional is someone who performs to the best of their ability despite all the distractions or happenings around them, if they can't do this, then they are not the consummate professional they should be and are paid to be.

So one of the most credible possible sources
of information about whether players "tanked"
before our already exacted by some, G.M. arrived

is so much at odds with this opinion
he risks his job to speak out publicly.

It must really irk him to hear Marcel
cast aspersions on someone's character

especially when his opinions are based on
knowledge that he heard second hand.

He is really showing up Marcel
in the 'class' department

Desjardins needs to be prepared to “eat crow” at some point in time … he is certainly not mincing words … we’ll see what he is made of in the off-season

As long as the Tim Horton Coffee is hot on Sunday I'm happy. I'll let the football ops work out the rest of it... 8)

oh, almost forgot.....a Win to go with the coffee would be nice too! :cowboy:


Are Desjardins and Lancaster playing bon cop, bad cop (or in this case, mechant cop, good cop)?

Could Ron and Marcel be at odds over playing rookie QBs for the rest of the season, Ron hates putting rookie QBs into the game just for a few plays let alone the whole game. The Don and Ron should be coaching football up at The Golden Age Home.

Maybe Lancaster's comments should be taken more seriously then Desjardins...after all he did actually play the game at the pro level.

You’ve got be kidding…Right? Wasn’t Lancaster already the “GM”, “Head of Football Ops and Senior Advisor”… interim “Head Coach”.

Marcel Desjardin was brought in to fix this mess! Let’s give him a chance!

If Desjardin had any proof players were 'tanking'
on their team-mates and he let them stick around
he is not the man I want to fix this mess, woody.

It is obvious that he has no proof :thdn:

but has ruined the reputations of the players
that he eventually puts on the trade block

which only reduces their value on the market
to the detriment of next year's Tiger Cats.

C'mon Ron...Really, I can't for the life of me figure you out where you stand on all this!

I get barraged because I question some of the moves of Lancaster and I'm all for giving Marcel a chance.

We really don't know what has transpired in or out of the locker room and Quite Frankly we probably never will know!

Lancaster is "interim HC" and Desjardin is "GM"! All I'm saying is that the guy has only been here a month or so and perhaps he isn't as good with talking with the media. ( perhaps something came out the wrong way and he decided to just let it go.) Besides, nobody will remember that article in a couple of months anyway...Unless Somebody Brings It Up!
I don't know, but one thing is for sure...we need to enjoy the next couple of games...hopefully get a couple of wins...then let the new "HC" work with Marcel and build us a winner for next year!

Buckle up folks, it's going to be an interesting offseason. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

No Kidding! :wink:

I’m surprised that the board is this quiet right now though! :roll: We will see what the weekend brings! A good or bad showing by Eakin will sure liven the place up! :wink:

Lancaster is being his old (outdated) self. It is time to see what our rookie quarterbacks can do. This was obviously Desjardins call because Lancaster had previously said it would be Maas. I expect that we will find that the two young quarterbacks are not as good as Maas. Hopefully Maas' woes were injury related and that next year he will be in better form. Its unlikely (extremely) that we will pick up a quality quarterback either through recruitment, trade or freeagency. Maas is the man (subject of course to how well Eakin (who did not perform well in the game he played - but could have been the offensive coordinators fault??) will do.

Desjardins speaks out and says that some players were not playing to their abilities - this was obvious to anyone watching the games. Lancaster should be given a sincere goodbye and thankyou for the four or five years of very good football in Hamilton.

Desjardins - a new coach - a new system - and some scouting is what we need.

Have you also thought about this…if Lancaster didn’t disagree with your new GM on this, how would it make Lancaster look?

Clearly stated, if players aren’t playing to their best ability, whose fault is it? A. The GM and coach at the time of the bad play.

Lancaster is covering his as$ in this situation by denying the problems with the players, so that he doesn’t look like the idiot who couldn’t motivate the players.

You guys are making something out of nothing. Both these guys have different sources of information and Desjardins would not have made this public had he not been 100% sure of his source. I suspect it could have filtered in from Belli in Montreal.

Lancaster is out of the loop and I can understand why he would chose not to believe it since its so shocking.

As far as Eakin, he has been there 2 years now and Desjardins needs to know what they can get out of him before the season ends.

Desjardins knows where he's going and there has to have been some osmosis spending years with Pop. These guys don't mess around.

My problem with Ron's comments are that he was on the Primetime Sports on the Fan590 a couple weeks ago stating that in his opinion the team did give up, but it appeared with the Edmonton games they turned it around.

So why the change of opinion Ron?