Interesting comment re: Braley/Printers Argos

Interesting comment made on the Fan 590 this morning suggesting that Braley may purchase the Argos and Printers may be coming with him. Wow, wouldn't that make Labour Day something else next year. Of course unless Casey can bring Geroy with him I think he'll need some serious help at receiver.

Rev, I think it’s better than even money that Braley will buy the Argos but I don’t think Printers is moving anywhere. The optics of one guy owning 2 teams is bad enough but a player move like that between the 2 teams would have the other 6 teams screaming for scalps.

It’d sure make for an interesting labor Day though. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

Printers needs to stay in BC, it just seems to be the place for him and yes, the place for him with Geroy no question. Argoland with what they have there, you'd need Houdini to make a qb look good, it's a mess there than even the best qb in the land couldn't figure out. And their ownership right now are fence sitters and openly admit it. What kind of ownership is that?

I really hope neither of them leave! Braley has done an amazing job here and I'm sure he COULD the the same thing in Toronto. But I'm greedy and don't want him to leave.

There werere rumblings around the time the Argo owners were talking about bailing that local B.C. ownership was considering buying the Lions from Braley hoping to cash in on the new and improved stadium. Braley would then buy the Argos and only own one team.

The Printers thing was because of his recent play and the fact that the Lions spent a lot of money on Jackson, Pierce and Lulay and cannot afford to add Printers long term.

Personally I would think the Argos might want to pick up Jackson or Lulay?

Anyway, I still think the league as a whole would benefit huge if Braley owned the Argos only and there was new solid ownership in B.C. as well.

And given our play this year bring it on, it would be way to cool for the Argos to crossover next year and win the West and then play against the Ticats in the Grey Cup. Hey that would be amazing, yes miraculous but amazing, lol