Interesting CFL Trivia...

Out of all the players in the CFL today... What can only Montreal's QB Anthony Calvillo and Saskatchewan Eddie Davis say they've done?

One thing they both have in common is that they once played for U.S. based CFL teams, but I'd be surprised if they're the only two remaining.

I'll take a crack at this...

They are the only players playing today who were first signed by an American CFL Team?

Calvillo with Las Vegas and Davis with Birmingham

You are correct!! They are the only 2 remaining players who played on a US CFL expansion team… Man I miss those teams…

O.K. here's a similar one: There's only one current CFL player who once played for the Ottawa ROUGH RIDERS. He is ......?

Paul Mccalum????

Kerry Joseph?

I think that would be correct. McCallum once did play for the Rough Riders according to his Wikipedia page: Paul McCallum - Wikipedia

Yes,it's Paul McCallum.

He was a RENEGADE, not a Rough Rider. The last Rough Rider team was '96.

George Hudson played in Ottawa.

Also a Renegade.