Interesting article on Tasker

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It appears that with the absence of Fantuz & Tolliver, everyone & their dog knows that Collaros is looking for Luke on 2nd down & keying on him. With better receivers creating separation, our crappy O line wouldn't have to hold their blocks as long. Wonder if Austin/Tillman are currently exploring any trades.

I don't need that much mathematical data to tell me that Collaros' go to play is throwing to Tasker 7 yards down field in traffic forcing him to make tough catches over the middle and getting hammered on every catch.
They should use that data to do a scan of Tasker's head because at the rate it's going he is going to have to donate his brain to science. He is not the guy to shy away from the tough catch so if they don't start using him better and protecting him, he will be next man down! The only people getting hammered more than Tasker are the fans in the new 200 feet of bars the team added in both end zones! I feel for Luke. (another reason, they need to improve the QB position or at least mix up the play calling)

Interesting article well wouldn't Masoli bring in the bootleg option every down and take some heat off Tasker, also why are they not bringing in a receiver to look at nobody out there I guess or Cap room $

Is Gurley still out there? 6'4" and 240. Big target... could certainly use that now.

??????still unsigned checked his stats not bad , why wouldn't the Ticats give this player a try goodpoint on this free agent

He doesn't meet the Tillman mold, i.e. short and undersized. :smiley: