Interesting article on Ricky Ray

This article was posted on the front page. I hope all Eskimo fans read this article, and remember it the next time they are tempted to jump on Ray's case, or the next time that a pathetic Eskie Hater bashes Ricky for having a bad game, or a bad statistic. When you take a step back, and look at what this guy has accomplished over the course of his short career, and what he has done to date this current season, it is nothing short of spectacular. I honestly do not think that I would trade away Ray for any other QB in the league. The fact that he is only 26 years old, and is going to be an Eskimo at least until the 2008 season with his current contract, is just an added bonus.

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I'd never get on Ray's case, he's awesome. I did a little bit last year, but now I regret it, realizing it was basically our offensive scheme that slowed our offence down during the end of last season.

And we have him signed to '08? :o That's awesome as well, I thought he was going to become a FA after this year(would he try the NFl again?-I don't think he would).

He signed a 4 year deal last year, which would take him through the end of 2008.

I NEVER BASH RICKY.....NEVER......hes the heart and soul and alot of (edit)eskie fans get on his case for no reason what so ever, warner i like your style lol. Ricky is a pure winner when ever he goes against a top QB like calvillo, dickenson, he always wins, and he wins grey cups. HES A WINNNER

We knew he was a gem when he went from third-string to Grey Cup finalist in his first year.

His numbers speak for themselves.

It's a bit of a mystery as to why he never cracked an NFL roster. If losers like Tee Martin can be a backup QB for that many years, Ricky Ray could be a capable starter for at least half a dozen teams down there....

...oh well. As an Esk fan, I'm happy to have him!

I know I have accomplished what I set out to do, when rawnotsorookierickyray says he likes my style. LOL.

there yah go lol

Ricky Ray, all the way!