Interesting article by Petrie of the Calgary Herald!

What is your thoughts about this short article by the Calgary Herald reporter.

These aren't your father's or grandfather's Saskatchewan Roughriders. Remember back in the day when, if the 'Riders weren't your favourite team, they were No. 2 in your heart? You admired them because they took their lunch pails to work, rolled up their sleeves and smashed teams in the mouth. When they won, it was deserved. They pocketed the two points and moved on. When they lost, they came back for more the next week. These days, when they win, head coach Danny Barrett gloats and his players get cocky. When they lose, it's because of the officials or some other lame excuse. They still have some old-school players -- guys like Daved Benefield, Fred Childress, Eddie Davis, Scott Schultz -- but this team seems too flighty. Maybe that's why they're either winning four in a row, or losing four in a row -- all or nothing.

My initial response is that I would expect nothing less of a reporter from a rival city. What he forgot to mention were class acts like Jeremy O'Day and Gene Makowsky and the like who play as though it is their last day on earth.....guys like Nathan Hoffart who are touted as talented players and then sit as a bench warmer - never complaining.....I could go on, but I won't.....the point is, articles like this could be written about every team in the league, and it would be slanted journalism in every case.

Really usually Petrie has good things to say and just maybe there might be some truth to this. You are correct there probably are others that could have been mentioned here. One thing I do agree with is yes years ago the riders were more popular with fans from other CFL cities but I believe this is changing. It is sort of funny usually Edmonton and Calgary fans would be at each other but lately it seems as soon as someone gets in the way of the feud (sorry should not have used that term) diagreement eskie and stamp fans turn on them.

Petrie is actually from here. He and my brother were pretty good friends when they worked at the S'toon Star Pheonix together. I went to school with his sister also. I usually like what he has to say, and I honestly wouldn't disagree totally with him. I would like to know however if this is a direct quote, or if redwhite2005 is doing his own paraphrasing.

Petrie's a really good writer, he tells it like it is. And he's hit this one bang-on. For me, only last year I'd say the Riders were my second-favourite Western team. But now, I think I hate them more than I hate the Eskimos - which is saying a lot. (Actually, that's not true. As of the Riders making it into the playoffs on the East side, I hate the Eskimos more, for obvious reasons. BUT I'd have rathered see Edmonton in the playoffs and Saskatchewan out)

It's true for me - i used to admire the Riders and their fans. I always secretly cheered them on as a 2nd favorite team but now they rank #9 for me. Something to do with the treatment of McCallum; the whole Burris thing and maybe because the other ways that Rider fans act.

Go Stamps Go. I'm pumped for this week's game. woohoo

......I might be completely wrong here and if I am please jm02 and Billy put me in my place......but since Shivers and Barrett took over there has been a paradigm shift in who the Riders are.......what does it mean to be a Rider?........before it seemed that wearing the Underdog tag was the Riders identifier........but I see more of a Bad Ass attitude idea that we are only an A away from being the Raiders.......thoughts?......

.....correct, R&W.....there seems to be a very negative stigma attached to the Rider name.....Shiv and his "we don't take no crap from nobody, we don't owe anybody anything" attitude might have something to add to this.....Barrett and his "everyone is against us, so feel sorry for us because we're going to complain anyway" attitude is no picnic either.....of course, these are just my opinions.....

I'd also have to agree, it seems like lately it's not the same team or same attitude that the riders have. I liked cheering for the complete underdogs, but who never seemed to have anything bad to say about anyone. Now, it does seem like the brass does more blaming than fixing.

Maybe we need a guy like Jurasin, from back in the old days to get the riders back to their sentimental favourites status.

I just checked out the article, it's on the site and appears to be a direct quote. Lemme see if I can paste the link.... ... c62e1aa36f

If that don't work, which I can almost guarantee it won't (I know nothing about computers), I found it by going to, clicking on the link to the stamps about halfway down on the right hand side, and it's like the third article in the list.

42monkey42, you link worked fine!

congrats! 8)

St. Bobby of Jurasin.....the patron saint of hopeless Rider fans.....and one of my personal faves.....

Wow, I must not be quite as dum as I look then! :slight_smile:

Amazing what you can teach people to do… almost like teaching primates to repeat things… hmmm…

But yeah, I think the attitude of the team is something that I don’t know if I truly agree with, kinda like I don’t agree with the rider fans that spend all their time calling down other teams and their fans. I wonder if the two go hand in hand, I don’t think I noticed this type of rider fan prior to the Shivers/Barrett era.

I Kinda thought the same thing too R&W. Many Years ago I was sort of a closet Rider as my 2nd team fan, (shhh don't tell Saskargo) But with Shivers and Barrets attitude, they have dropped on my preference list.

I've been saying this about Shivers and Barrett since day one. Almost all the rider fans said Saskargo all you do is bash us.
Like I said before.I'm not biased, I just tell the truth!!!!

I agree with you that the Riders attitude is more take no crap then it used to be, but I don't see whats wrong with that. I for one am sick of being the little bother of the league, the underdog. Whats wrong if a team wants to be the big dog now. Shivers and Danny might be a little too over the top, but I think it is the exactly the right direction they need to be going in. I honestly don't care if we are everyone else's 2nd favorite team, They are my favorite team, and I want them to win.

I agree that it would be cool to be the big dog, but seeing as we're 6 years into the 3 year plan, is the new attitude working?

I wish we'd take less crap from our offensive and defensive co-ordinators, but that seems to be the place where there's a lot, and I do mean a lot, of tolerance.

You wish!

Billy Soup wrong again do you not get tired of being wrong! Also I have noticed most everyone has agreed with the exception of one! Why is this Billy?

Who has disagreed? I think everyone is pretty much in agreement so far.....