Interesting answer by Cohon re: Canadian players

Just listened to the State of the League address. As many have pointed out, Cohon was quick to assure he media repeatedly, "the CFL understands the importance of Canadians playing in the league".

However, when pressed by 1 media member who was smart enough to ask the following question (paraphrase): "we've heard you say that the CFL understands the importance of Canadians playing in the CFL, but does that mean you understand the importance of the number of Canadian starters to the fans of the CFL?", Cohon was allusive.

His response was very interesting (again paraphrasing): "Whether Canadians are playing or starting, the CFL understands the importance of Canadians to the league" .

That didn't sound like the issue of reducing the number of Canadians was off the table to me.

It is up to teams to do it.

Many would'nt think that a nearly all canadian receiving corps would make it to the GREEN Cup, but it is happening.

Canadians are just as talented as their American counterparts.


You know I get tired of hearing people, usually from you know where, try to tell us Canadians will never be as good as the Americans because the Americans have 100 times the schools and players who play the game. And they're better coached.
And start younger. Blah blah blah. Thats some Canadian's way I guess. To give up before you even try.

But then you see these other countries not much bigger then Canada competing and even kicking the Americans butts around in hockey, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, track and field, etc etc. And you realize those people down south don't walk on water.

Call that an answer ?

Nice.... :thup:

Keeping the Canadian content as it is or even increasing it by one or two and reducing the number of mandated Canadian starters to 4 or 3, maybe even 0, is not a bad idea at all to be honest. To goes to the principles of adding more Canadian content or at least keeping it as it is, but not handcuffing the teams to have to start as many players just because of their citizenship. I like it.

The problem with your idea is that the skillset for a Special Team's players are completely different from the specifics your looking for in a starter. If the league was allowed to do as you suggest we will see even less Canadians at skilled positions and it will also impact Canadian Olinesman very much.

Great response.

is it a small bit of irony the owners want to reduce # of canadian starters... but the two teams in the grey cup use more then the required # of canadians... thoughts.

I also like this response to the conflict of interest issue with the Lions and the Argo's being owned by the same guy..

"Fans need to understand, you guys need to understand any transaction that happens between clubs comes through he commissioner's office," Cohon said. "We look at every transaction and we will hold those to the highest scrutiny."

Ya , just like that dirty trade between Edmonton and Hamilton a couple years ago with Davis and Maas? That went across his desk, he didn't seem to scutinize that one. The guy's a hypocrite!!

That’s exactly why they want to do it. This is coming from anti-Canadians like Barker, Rita, Obilovich and the likes. Its not Montreal and Saskatchewan that are pushing for this…

Hey Smiling Hank Burris on Off the Record on Thursday said not only more Canadians on the roster, but one should be a dedicated QB position.
I am all for it and why not have a third stringer holding a clipboard as a Candian and learning the position.

I was very impressed with Henry in that interview. All around classy. He is one guy I'd love to see in the booth when he hangs it up.


Yes I was thinking the very same thing.

Several "Strong Armed' QB,s coming out of CI,S,-Sadly none will even be drafted_ WTF

in the V-cup today... thi smight be a bit exagerated, but it was close to becomming a shoot out. there was some awesome passing plays. both QB's to me looked like they could at some point perform in the cfl. I will go even further to say western and lavel also had QB's that could one day perform. this years Qb's are exeptions though. we were really blessed with great qb's in the cis. next year should see some new blood in the cis as starting QB.