Interesting 2022 Trends

  1. CFL Notes for Week #21 ‐ Looking Back at 2022 Trends:

 Playoff Implications:
This week holds NO games with direct playoff potential or that would determine even a game site let alone final standings. It is the first time since 1996 that all playoff matchups and sites are set with no changes possible.

 12-win, 3rd place clubs:
With a win, Calgary can become only the 2nd team in CFL history to win 12 games and NOT have that turn into a home playoff game. Only Edmonton in 2017 with 12 wins finished 3rd and out on the road.

 Away Teams Success:
Hard to pin down just why but road teams have won 42 times in 2022 for a .545 winning %. That is the 2nd-highest road winning % in all of CFL history:
CFL Home vs Road GP Home Away Tied Pct. Leading Road Winners
1961 68 27 38 3 .581 Winnipeg at 8-0, Calgary & Edmonton at 6-2
2022 77 35 42 0 .545 Calgary & Winnipeg at 7-2
1962 68 29 35 4 .544 Winnipeg at 7-1

 25% Increase in Offensive Production in 2022:
In 2021 there were 227 TD drives in 63 games, 3.60 per game. In 2022, we have had 347 TD drives in 77 games, 4.51 TDs per game. That represents a 25.2% increase in offensive production. Since Week #14 that has ramped up to 4.73 TDs per game, 31% higher than 2021. Much of it is due to better field position flowing from several off-season rule changes, more experienced rosters in 2022, a core of strong receivers on all clubs, and simply higher performance levels at other key positions from our players.

 1st Downs Made in 2022:
In 2022 the number of first downs has risen modestly by +4%. Where those 1st downs are coming from is the surprise. First downs via the pass are equal to 2021 - 1st down by rush are up 10%.

 Special Teams Flags: In 2022 the number of penalties called on Special Teams plays has declined by 19%. Specifically, in far fewer No Yards calls plus a reduction in Holding and Illegal blocks on returns.

 CFL vs NFL Scoring in 2022: With a week to play CFL scoring is at 50.6 ppg - an increase of 17.4% over 2021 and about equal to the 50.8 ppg in 2018. NFL games in 2022 have averaged 43.4 ppg reversing the one-year event where 2021 NFL scoring at 46.0 ppg exceeded the CFL at 43.1 ppg.

 Inside the CFL's Data in 2022:
Metric 2022 2021 Notes

 1st Down Avg Yds 6.61 6.31 Turns 2nd down into more manageable levels leading to longer drives

 2-&-Outs per gm 8.9 10.0 Related to higher 2nd down conversion rate and 1st down success

 2nd Down Conv. % 47% 44% Drive extenders from 893 clutch 2nd down receptions, 3% higher conv. rate

 1st Down by Rush 1062 793 Increased by 10% due to far more short yardage situations

 Sacks per game 4.66 4.92 Down by 5% from 2021 - back to pre-'21 levels

 Decided Last 3:00 61% 51% Of the 77 games to date, 47 have not been decided until late in the game

 Turnovers per gm 4.34 3.97 This 9% increase has led to many more 'sudden' changes in field position/scores

 Penalties per gm 16.1 16.8 Down by 4.5% overall but ... way down 19% on kick return plays (Sp. Teams)

 Kickers Bounce Back in '22:
At 79.8%, results from 2021 were the lowest since 2010 (78%), converts made at 91.8% dropping steeply as well. In 2022, CFL kickers have recovered to 84.3% and the best C-1 rate (94.3%) since the 2015 rule change.

 Rushing Paradox:
In 2022 rushing yards per game and the average rush are virtually identical to 2021 at 197 yards and 5.1 per attempt. But Rushing TDs are up by a huge % to 140 from just 77 last year - 49% more run TDs than in 2021.


I'm guessing this is due in part to more QB sneak TDs. And I suspect that is in part due to more endzone PI calls. We'll see how/if this trend continues, but I personally don't find so many 1st-and-goal-from-the-1's to be very exciting.

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Looking at the metrics, on paper it seems like it should have been an exciting season. Yet somehow upon reflection, I remember tuning out of a lot of dog games well before they were done, and have actually gotten to the point where I've stopped even bothering to tune into games that don't involve my team.

There wrre some good games, to be sure. But overall, the on-field product was sloppy, slow, and unexciting.

Personal trend... 2022 is the first year I've ever preferred watching NFL over CFL in my life.

So yeah, the numbers look good... but to me, the football really didn’t. I want to love the CFL, but it's just not working that well for me. And amoung my peer group, I'm not alone.

I found it was an improvement over 2021. I think the games early were good and the game of the past 2-3 were good. But seems to be there were a lot of duds in the middle of the season. Perhaps too many back-to-backs. I'm hoping some of the scheduling choices of this season were due to covid precautions (i.e., worrying about having to reschedule if an outbreak were to occur) and that next year we'll see a more diverse schedule.

Well, the scheduling really can't get a whole lot worse, unless they completely cut the league into halves. I can't really speak to the quality of recent games, but mid-season literally drove me away. I'm not even sure I'll watch one game this weekend.

i think injuries to key players were a factor in that mid season play quality lag.

Yeah, I was thinking about that as I walked my dog this afternoon--what if Rourke and Masoli had had full healthy years....

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Check out this twitter thread of interesting season stats, put up by one of our own:

I'm with Paul on changing the clock rules to get more plays off per game.