Interest in Toronto Bills games lukewarm

Five weeks after some of the most powerful figures in Canadian sports appeared together to promote the National Football League's eight-game foray into Toronto, fewer than 20,000 people have registered to join the queue for tickets.

I think what should be even more worrysome is that people on the list are cooling from purchasing tickets.

If it was not the Bills Playing
Maybe they Get more People Inquiring

I would not pay the Huge prices
When I go to buffalo and see them for less.

Well I'm sure the tickets will sell like mad once they find out the opponent for the game is the Atlanta Falcons or Arizona Cardinals or 49ers.

49ers might because they have a big canadian base just form their exposure in the late 80's.

I'm a niners fan who goes on a trip eery year to see them around the NFL and if they're the team in Buffalo I wont be going because I'm not supporting this initiative.

I think the disinterest is the huge prices plus the fact you have to make a bunch of years commitment instead offering both individual and a full package. Also as stated why pay thos big bucks when buffalo is just down the road and cheaper plus in buffalo youll have a better tailgate expierence where do you even gather everyone for a tailgate in toronto

Those figures are still troubling to me. For one thing, they don't include any corporate interest which I think will be considerable nor does it include any Argo season tix holders who are interested in the Bills games. Also, they haven't announced anything but the barest outline of the Bills-in-Toronto plans. No opposition teams, no specific prices, no dates, etc. Wait til the heavy marketing starts on tv, radio and print. When that happens, many more serious inquiries will be made.

CFL fans shouldn't get too comfortable yet.

An Argo-Cat fan

Barney's right. I think once the details are known, this thing will fill up quickly.

I'm a CFL fan, and I'm not comfortable with this at all!

They should have 80 000 people on that list. This whole project will be a flop.

I think that’s what they were expecting. Looks good on that dipsh*t Rogers.

whoknows wrote: They should have 80 000 people on that list.

I think that’s what they were expecting. Looks good on that dipsh*t Rogers.

LOL!!! My thoughts exactly.

Though I agree with other posters that interest will increase as more details become available.

I think Barney may have it right.
As far as I am concerned though anyone who buys tickets is wasting their money. The Bills? Who cares. You can watch the Bills for nothing on TV. To commit yourself to them for four years or whatever.....on the very slim chance that they may move here?
The Bills will stay in Buffalo because the local politicians there will never allow them to move to Toronto.

Anyone who thinks the NFL will put a team in the Skydome/Rodgers Center hasn’t been paying attention to the way the NFL works.

They won’t even think about putting ANY team in TO full time unless the tax payers foot a brand new state of the art multi-billion dollar statium.

20,000 tickets already sold at that price, wow that's pretty good. The Argos would love numbers like that!!!

They haven’t sold any tickets yet. That is just the waiting list. And I would think alot of people rushed onto that list only to find out that the interest isnt what some many have thought.

What I think will happen is that all the packages won't be sold and then individual game tickets will be sold. They won't have a problem selling these I don't think as the fans of the "visiting" teams will purchase for that game only. I might be tempted if the Vikes play a game.

…it must be easy to make such a negative comment of man who’s a successful business person…I sense some deep jelousy of this man or you know him personally and you can back your statement up with a bad experience dealing with him??? We’re all listening…do tell.


Wow, that’s taking it to a whole new level!

Ted Rogers is embellishing himself in this dream of his at the expense of Ontario taxpayers (ala the Rogers Center) and seemingly not considering the effect that this embellishment has on another professional sports league in the region.

No jealousy, sorry there is nothing more than that. Maybe you have a thing for ol’ Ted there, and this is why you come to his defense so quickly?

in a perfect world Rogers could just settle for a CFL team in Halifax/Quebec City.