Intentional Grounding

One rule change that I think has not been good for the league is the intentional grounding call. In my opinion they should go back to where there has to be at least some effort to get the ball to a receiver.

Here is the rule as it stands now.

"Article 7 – Intentional Grounding
If a Team A passer deliberately, and in the official’s opinion for the purpose of avoiding
loss of yardage, throws the ball behind the line of scrimmage to the ground or Out
of Bounds or to an area in which there is not an eligible Team A receiver, the team
shall be penalized.
PENALTY: LD at point from which pass was thrown. If the pass was thrown from the
Goal Area, a safety touch score shall be awarded to Team B, subject to the right of
Team B to decline the score and accept the play as it terminated.
NOTE: Team A shall not be penalized if the passer throws the ball across the line of
scrimmage to an open area or Out of Bounds."

I agree I don't like the fact that a qb just has to get it over the line of scrimmage to avoid a sack. I think the rule should be changed so the pass has to be in the vicinity of an eligible receiver.

I've been saying that for two years. If the ball is thrown out of bounds or to an area where there is no immediate receiver while the Qb is being pressure or persued it should be 10 yard penalty.

I think that the rule is OK, but I like the idea of the QB moving out of the pre-snap area between the offensive tackles in order to get rid of the ball without a penalty. The wrinkle of the "tackle box" in addition to throwing the ball past the LOS would make the Intentional Grounding rule much better.