Intentional Grounding / Sack

In BC, Cam Wake chased Micheal Bishop down so well that he had to throw the ball out of bounds to try and escape.

The ball didn't make it to the line of scrimmage and the grounding flag was thrown. In the end it counts just like a sack, with yardage lost to the point the pass was thrown as well as loss of down.

Do you think that the defencive player should get credited with a sack in this case?

Yeah, I do. There is a loss of yards on the play.

No. Just like a receiver doesn't get the yards he would have had from pass interference, I feel this should stay in the same category. What if it is two or three defensive players at an equal distance from the QB that cause the QB to throw the ball away? Or what if he is not being pressured at all and accidentaly happens to throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage? There is no perfect way of giving/determining who gets the "sack" in these cases.

Well it is counted statistically as a rushed throw because of the defender but as a sack no because it was not a sack right.

I think Bishop pooped a lil when he saw Wake coming.

Nah, that's just how the Roughrider uni's look. best all the defender should get is a 10% off coupon from Midas...similar to the POTW award...

Not “similar” RedandWhite… I’d say the coupon is better! :lol:


Quite frankly,
I think the "Intentional Grounding" rule makes no sense.

If the ball is thrown away, it's an Incomplete Pass.

If the QB is tackled, then it's a Sack.

What the heck is that penalty for?
Not padding the Defensive Lineman's stat sheet?


So you think it should be perfectly legal for the QB to just throw the ball into the stands whenever a defender gets close to them?

Yup... It's an incomplete pass.
Loss of Down.
Move on to the next play.


then you will almost never see another sack

By the same token you would want to award a sack for a QB gunning the ball downfield 60 yards to avoid a sack? I'm just curious. My preference would be to leave it as-is. I don't think it adds or takes away from the game.

Not true ...
Most (legitimate) Sacks happen either when
the QB holds the ball too long while trying to make a play
or the QB doesn't see the hit coming from his blind side or back.


Hence the almost.....
More often or not he does see it coming and protects the ball and takes a hit....all he would have to do it toss the ball over the defenders head to avoid the sack....

That being said, I dont like the fact that the ball only has to pass the LOS, it was better when it had to be within 5 yards of and eligible receiver

can you intentionally spike the ball to kill the clock in the cfl ?

...yes, but why would you want to?...the clock stops after all plays in the final three minutes until the ref has spotted the ball and called the timeclock into play, more than enough time for any O to have a play ready and execute....

yes yes I know all that, but he is still spiking it before the line and he has no intntional receiver.

because the clock stops while the refs spot the ball I thought there was no spike rule in the cfl