A site I have placed bets on before have post a betting line that the stamps will only win 5.5 games this season, I think they are nuts so I am all over it and betting on our boys in red GO STAMPS GO

No that’s about right

Where is is your twin Jeremy? ChrisW have you been to Vegas I did not think so. The fact some one placed odds does not mean them to be fact so do not get your hopes up about your pathetic annual losing team. Ya riderpride 89

I’d give Winnipeg 5.5

Calgary will actually have a decent team this year, much better than last.

Yes they will be better then last year, I was just trying to piss off a few stamps fans.

Ah ChrisW that is real nice of you.

Stamps will have a greatyear! Could win 6 games! Could do even better if they find a first string QB… :mrgreen:

…do you realize how close your nik is to banjo?..and how close to a inbred Rider/Eskimo hoser that makes you?..

Ouch but true!

Latest odds from

Current Odds:        *All Odds Subject To Change*

Odds To Win 2005 Grey Cup
Edmonton Eskimos           5/2
Montreal Alouettes         5/2
British Columbia Lions     4/1
Toronto Argonauts         13/2
Saskatchewan Roughriders   9/1
Calgary Stampeders        12/1
Hamilton Tiger-Cats       18/1
Ottawa Renegades          25/1
Winnipeg Blue Bombers     48/1

damn right rider pride 89!! :lol: and hopefully 05 also :smiley:

Good Luck!

How is that insulting? You won 4 games last year? what do you expect?

I agree goesksgo, the eskimos are insulting