Insult to injury -- Argos get Fined
Adriano Belli was fined for a head butt he made during the first quarter and a subsequent kneeing incident on a convert play. Defensive back Lin-J Shell was also fined for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Riders quarterback Darian Durant.

That's no surprise, Bellie is just a big baby. Last year he grabbed Picard by the nards. Wonder how those two are getting along as teammates this season ?

...Probably just fine....I wonder if the kissing bandit gives Picard a big smooch every once in he is famous for..... :lol: If he's caught for anymore indiscretions...i think he;d better look into joining the wrestling circuit, as his coach suggested... :lol:

smootch'in and grabbing junk, and they think Kelly's a little bit 'off'.

The Argos might win tonight. The new coach has Joseph playing like he did for Riders. Should be a much better game than BC and Edmonton.

Don't you wish you had waited until after the game before making that post?

Maybe he meant the Ottawa Rough