Instead of studying for finals ...

So instead of studying for finals - which I'm pretty sure should be a priority right now - I've chosen to spend my time creating my suggestion for a Renegades helmet :slight_smile: Never minding that they have no owner and aren't playing this year, I think this would be a neat idea. Itblends the old with the new - the classic 'R' logo, in the Renegades font. Tell me what you think ... it's not perfect (all I've got is paint), but you get the idea. I got the helmet picture from football helmets to infinity.

Looking good CK.

Frank D'Angelo has already said he has redesigned already a new uni for the team.

So I'm not the only one Kev. I am pretty sure I failed my Final on thursday. And a small part of that I blame the Ottawa Renegades being suspended. INstead of studying all wednsday I was on here, talking about the new look Riders.

I am the worst student ever. Procrastination is an art I have perfected.

Yeah I seem to always Procrastinate but im in grd. 8 so its not too bad. If i dont finish something i fake sick and finish it in that time.

I think procrastination was my major in university. I got asked by many of friends 'shouldn't you be doing homework or studying or something.' I probably should have been but what fun would university have been then? I wish I was back there instead of being in the real world. For the most part university was a lot less stressful.

I think I learned more from procrastinating in university than I did from the classes, I'm a whiz under pressure! Don't do so well when I have oodles of time to work on something, though.....

guess what people.............welcome to the real world............its all been fun & games till now...........dont now realize what it is all about...........just wait until you have to get a pay for those student loans on top of that new house you just bought.........and your girlfriend..........who you only see on weekends is PREGANT..........ITS A BOY......OH HAPPY DAY.......

procrastonators unite! tomorrow!

great looking helmet i could see it work its retro too!

Yeah, I didn’t get much work done last week either after hearing about the Renegades demise … I was too distraught …

Thanks for the props on the helmet :slight_smile:


they should TOTALLY DO THAT for 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CKev, sumit that to the Gades website, and we maybe seeing that new season (except the helmet will be gold :lol:)