Instead of Drafting Players What If Pro Sports Drafted Schools Every Year?

So what if, instead of drafting players coming out of American schools, and just American schools, the CFL drafted the schools themselves or a “Class of” every year if you please, do you think that would make the CFL a little more exciting to others or you?

It would work just like any draft does today, but instead CFL clubs would be vying for what they thought would be the “best” class coming out of the best schools in America.

I don’t think this concept would work with Canadian schools, what with the current lack of parity–the CFL would need to invest centrally (better training, equipment upgrades, etc), but I think there’s enough wealth of talent down south to make it work with American schools.

Anyway just an idea, maybe one that’s eye popping enough to get followers of said schools more interested in the CFL. It’s certainly unique, I think.

Note the title says pro sports, but I’m really only interested in the CFL. I couldn’t fit CFL with the long title.

That makes NO sense…so would you only be able to sign kids from that school?
The majority of them are not going pro …
And I doubt that would change anything as far as interest in the CFL everyone knows about it already.
It would be as meaningless and as restictive as putting players on a secret negotiation list

It’s really not that much different than what the AAF does with their college allocation.

CFL only drafts Nationals from the NCAA … Internationals are either signed from the Protected Lists or are free agents.