Instant Replay

I just heard on the news that the CFL will try Instant replays at the June 11th preseason game

Thats great i hope they keep it for all games

They are talking about using it in the 2006 season but we have heard that before

I would like to see it in the CFL. Just would like to know other opinions.

I think video Replay would be a very good thing in the CFL like the Refs (and I give all the credit in the world to them because i know that they have a hard job. They cant see everything and they miss some things as well which could end up in a win or a lose for a team. The NFL has video replay and i find it wrks very well. If the coach doesnt like the call he throws a flag which means that hes challenging it. Say on a fumble or an incomplete pass at the sidelines with just a players toes in bounds. The refs sometimes are not to sure what happened and they just call what they see but with video replay thye would be able to see it in slow motion from many different angles and I think it would help the game to be closer and more exciting.

They’re going to test the video replay at the Touchdown Atlantic pre-season game in Halifax. Sounds like they’re planning to institute it in 2006.

As I understand it, the CFL system will use only the broadcast cameras to make the determinations. Fewer angles than the NFL system, but they’ll still be able to reverse most incorrect calls based on what they see in the replay booth.

While I’m not a big fan of video replay, I think if the CFL can use it, they should. It does help the refs out and makes the game a bit more “dramatic”, if you will. It will be good despite not having the number of camera angles the NFL can use.

There will still be questionable calls even with replay, but if we can eliminate some of the incorrect decisions on the field it is a good decision.

I think it’s a great idea. It works wonders in the NFL, that way one call can no longer lose you the game because it was a bad call. It doesn’t really slow down the whole game a pile because many games go without a challenge flag ever being thrown.

I realizes that there won’t be as many camera angles but that should still work fine since when we watch games on TV and they show the replay after a questionable call 9/10 times you can clearly see if the right call was made or not. Also, for bigger games like the Grey Cup there will obviously be more cameras there so for the game that it really matters the most in there will be enough cameras to make the right call no matter what the situation.

I’m a fan of video replay in the NFL … Not for the CFL however.

The NFL benefits from having 10x the camera angles, and is using state-of-the-art equipment with world class cameramen/broadcast crew. The TSN broadcast is already problematic at best. There have been games where large key plays have been missed by ALL of the cameras and no replay was available at all … Letting a game possibly ride on the “technical-difficulty” ridden TSN replay crew is a mistake; unless the quality of the broadcast is improved drastically. Granted this year TSN will be introducing HDTV for a dozen or so CFL games this season … I somewhat doubt we’ll see this occurr without its own share of problems as well …


But it doesn’t ride on the replay crew. The decisions are for the most part still being made on the field by the officials.
But if a call is incorrect, and a camera can correct the mistake, shouldn’t it? Just because not every error will be corrected, does that mean that none of them should be?
Funny, with all the whining Bomber players do about how they were robbed by the officials in every game they ever lost, I would have thought a Bomber fan would love this idea. Or are you just afraid the Bombers won’t be able to use that excuse anymore? :wink:

I don’t like replay.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was seldom critisism of the NFL Refs. They got the calls right most of the time.( Yes, there were mistakes.) Now it looks like they don’t even try to get it right and hope that replay corrects them…BAD HABIT! What if a coaches uses up all his challenges? Then by the officials erroring to let play continue so that a play could get challenged it could back-fire if a coach has used up all his challenges.

Example: Team (Pick one) has used up its challenges. They fumble the ball on a critical drive. The ref thinks hmmm, looks like a fumble so I’ll let it go and if the pass is incomplete, they’ll reverse it. Because that team can’t challenge it, they may lose a change of possesion, because a ref doesn’t want to step up and make the call.

Just be careful what you wish for!

The only problem with instant replay in the CFL is that the fast flow of the CFL game is much better than the NFL. I also love the NFL, but sometimes the delays can make it a little annoying (time-outs, instant replay, longer play clock). They will have to be careful not to slow the game down too much.

My message must not be clear … TSN has not shown its ability in the past to consistantly provide a quality replay for each and every play … IF you are going to introduce a video replay rule into the league - then a quality replay MUST be made available for each and every play … and unless that happens - then the replay crew are affecting a potential outcome. I’d hate to see an important game have a challenged call, and the whiz-bang TSN dork in the video truck has yet-another “Famous TSN technical difficulty” and it affects the outcome of a call/game … its just another very unpredictible variable that is currently unnesisary … In my opinion of course …

Funny … I don’t remember the Bombers blaming the refs for every game they ever lost … I’d have to challenge that call via video replay …

Zzzzz …


You only use up your challenges if you challenge and the play stands. You need a limit like that, or some coaches would just keep challenging every play they don’t like the outcome of, hoping to get one reversed.

If you challenge and the play is reversed, you can continue challenging.
If you challenge and the play stands, you lose a challenge.

But in the CFL, with fewer angles, there should be a third category. If you challenge, and the call can be neither verified nor reversed, the call should stand, but the team should NOT lose their ability to challenge.

The only thing that is realy holding back the replay(which whe should have) is the lack of cameras. The team takes their footage, but it is only from like 3 or 4 angles, when TSN or CBC broadcast their games on TV they bring in all sorts of cameras to capture the angles needed to use instant replay so a lot of money needs to be spent before it will be fully implemented. Here’s hoping :mrgreen:

Finally they have started to talk about it. You would think they would have after the 2003 Western Finals when Edmonton was 3rd&goal, and we stuffed him on the goal line, but the referee still called a touchdown.

But without the replay challenge system in place, there could be no challenge, and the play would stand no matter how terrible the call was. Replay won’t guarantee that every incorrect call will be corrected, but as it is now not one single incorrect call will ever be changed. How is that better?

Funny, I notice you removed my :wink: in order to make a tongue-in-cheek remark look like a snide comment. But in all seriousness I can name a few games that the Bombers lost “because of the officiating.” When Dave Ritchie was there, that was his mantra. Every Bomber loss was blamed on one bad call, and most of the Bomber fans on CFL.CA bought into it.

There’s already a pretty good thread going on this topic.

But TSN isn’t in every stadium for every game.